11 Guaranteed Best Deer Hunting Tips of Successful Season

Deer hunting is always a unique experience, even if you end up with a deer or not. Being in the wild is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes a lot of courage and preparation. Hence, without learning about the best deer hunting tips of a successful season, you can lower your chances at catching one. Every country has their own season of deer hunting. In the USA, the season begins in September lasting till February. In Australia, eastern states are more popular grounds for deer hunting. The season is based on the health of deer population along with the number of hunters. The deer hunting season also varies according to the species. Increase your chances of success and have fun along the way. Here are some best deer hunting tips for the successful season.

Best 11 Awesome Deer Hunting Tips

1. Get all the permits needed from the Local Department.

This totally depends on the location and country. For example, the Game management Authority in Australia has all the details about hunting. It has all the required information for hunting. Information like how long is the season, the kind and the number of deer you can hunt etc. comes in handy. Once that is done, get the hunting clothes and gears in place. Now, time to hunt a deer!

2. Be a scent control freak

Deer can smell you from a far away distance. Many hunters are very careful when washing the clothes and themselves before the hunt. It is advisable to use unscented soap, shampoo, deodorant and even toothpaste. Expert hunters use deer smells across their stand also which is a deadly combination. Here are a few ways to control your scent.

3. Scouting and practice will improve your chances

The more you practice the better you will hunt. Try some shed hunting. This can give you a good insight about the deer on the property. I know many people will agree with me. Knowing a few primary deer trails is not good enough. It won’t be a good idea for shed hunting on heavily hunted areas. Scouting pre-season is a good idea to get an idea about the location. Keep your eyes on the ground and look for trails.

4. Don’t let the deer know your plan of action

A rule of thumb, don’t stomp around on foot all over the hunting area. This will make it clearer that you are after them. Scout using a car or sit on a hilltop with binoculars. It is best to use Google Maps. This way you can mark important locations. Here are a few tips from the expert hunter about scouting.

5. Be different.

Some hunters spend years and go without a hunt. There might be a set hunting pattern which the deer must have understood. Try to do something unexpected. If this has been happening to you, time to change your hunting pattern and do something unique.

6. Best tricks can go wrong if not used wisely

Some of the best tricks don’t work well for all hunters. Make sure you use the right call at the right season. For example, a doe in estrous bleats won’t work in off-season. A dominant grunt will only scare the others away. Another common mistake many hunters do is ‘shout’. Deer don’t shout, they whisper to each other. A deer hear 500 times more than a human ear. Finally, use a good quality deer call.

7. Stay until the last minute

Be positive and think! There is a good deer out there somewhere. You might miss on a good deer if you give up soon. Sometimes a good kill happens at the last minute. So hold on until the legal shooting time is over. Follow the link for getting over your deer season blues.

8. Check your equipment

It is very important to check the equipment you are carrying. Check out this amazing video of deer equipment to carry. There are few types of equipment which are a must to include like binoculars, bow and arrow, rifle and rangefinders.

9. Keep checking the wind frequently

Hunting a deer is more successful on a windy or rainy day. The major three factors to consider are the temperature, amount of cloud cover, and wind. A deer’s hearing and sight are reduced during such conditions. To add to your advantage, wear a facemask that will act as camouflage during hunting. Check the weather before you go deer hunting.

10. Keep yourself medicated

Deer hunting in the wild can also invite tick disease. Be sure you get yourself vaccinated if shooting in summer or during the fall season. A disease can shun your deer hunting; hence it is very important to stay extra careful. Besides tick disease, Lyme’s disease is also common amongst the hunters. Be sure to check on them before heading to the woods.

11. Time for the Kill!

As a hunter, you are responsible for the kill. It should be quick and easy. This means you need to get better and better each time. Regardless of the weapon chosen, you have to master the killing so passionately that it can become a truly sportive activity. Aim for the throat to give a quick kill. After you have shot the deer, do not go after it. A deer can retaliate. Give it about 30 minutes to bleed out and die. After the kill, learn how to process a deer.

Now that you have the most amazing tips about deer hunting, it is your turn! This list was built keeping in mind the most important details required to know by hunters during the hunting season. The deer hunting season has commenced in many locations, so it is the time you get your gear and hunting equipment in place. Head out in the woods and experience the uniqueness of this sport. I hope you have enjoyed reading the unique list of deer hunting. Do leave your views and tips on the article. We would love your feedback. Do share with others if you like my article.