Best Biometric Gun Safe Reviews 2020

A biometric gun safe is more than just security but also functionality as it is designed with a quick access that’s made possible by the electronic locking system. Unlike the mechanical or combination locks, the biometric safes make it possible to quickly open it when an intruder suddenly gets in to your space. The majority of these safes can easily be carried from one place to the other as they are small. However, the majority are designed to either be mounted on a surface or to be built inside a wall. Depending on the model of preference, the biometric safes can either be opened by the use of entry codes or finger prints with the latter being the easiest and fastest to operate.

Top 4 Biometric Gun Safe Reviews

1. BEST CHOICE – Barska Mini Biometric Safe

This Mini Biometric Safe by the renown biometric safe producer, Barska, is very ideal as far as the storage of handguns among other sensitive equipment that need separation from jewelry, documents etc is concerned. Capable of storage of up to 30 different user identities, the safe has a capacity of two guns and is easy-to-use, not forgetting the fact that fingerprint registration is possible just within biometric gun safe

The unit features : Predrilled holes for easy mounting onto a shelf, counter top or walls; a compact design; steel body design; a two-year battery life; 30 fingerprint memories and operates using 4 AA size batteries. Buy this safe to get the safe, a set of two emergency keys for back up, mounting hardware together with a protective floor mat.

2. Barska Large Biometric Safe

This biometric safe comes with larger dimensions, an aspect that makes it an ideal choice for storing sensitive valuables and materials such as jewelery, important documents or firearms among others. With the ability to store upto 120 different identities, the safe is not only safe as its name suggests but also easy to use- allowing the user just a few seconds of fingerprint registration.

Operation is based on 4-AA batteries backed with a life of up to 2 years. With Pre-drilled anchor points enhances easy securing of the safe to a wall or floor, two back up keys, 120 different identities on its biometric feature and the ability to remove the beeping notifications thus silent operation makes it easy and safe to use.  This safe, backed with one-year warranty is one of the most ideal units for the storage of handguns or even other important equipment, valuables, or documents.

3. Barska Biometric Wall Safe

The safest safe and the most difficult to break into is that unit that no one can know it exists. This biometric wall safe by Barska is that type of safe. It easily can be concealed behind mirrors, pictures or furniture thus making it ideal for any home or business use. The body is designed to stay in the walls with the door sitting flush against a wall surface thus giving ultimate total concealment.

Important features include a 2-point deadbolt system, two back up keys for secondary access together with a biometric fingerprint technology that is revolutionary one as it is capable of storing up to a hundred and twenty different users. It is a safe that allows for neat organization of valuable items, credit to the two removable shelves. If you need a safe that is ultimately safe, then this is the unit to go for.

4. Stack-On Biometric Personal Safe with Adjustable Shelf

The security of your guns, equipment, documents, jewelry among other valuables is very important to you. That is why you not only need to have a safe at your disposal but one which guarantees you maximum security. In addition to security, it is prudent that you get one unit that allows for easy organization thus neatness. This Stack-On Biometric Personal Safe with Adjustable Shelf is exactly that safe for your needs.

With the capability of accepting 32 different fingerprints, a hidden trouble key, a single adjustable shelf and a solidly concealed design, you have the very best safe in town. With this safe, you will be able to not only secure but also to hide your valuables as well as the firearms. Give it a try.

Why You Should Buy a Best Biometric Gun Safe

By the virtue of being safe, these units are important in ensuring that you get your valuable or the risky arms safe and secure. Without a safe, the guns can easily be accessed by anyone, including children hence very risky indeed.

The biometric safes are more secure than the traditional keypad or lock safes. These traditional safes can be opened by almost all the buglers who are determined to open them. With the biometric ones, unless you are coerced to do so, the buglers can’t gain access.

Small children, family or accomplices tagging with you can easily master and remember the combinations of the keypad systems thus accessing your safe against your wish. With the finger scanners present in the biometric safes, only those you have allowed the programming of their fingerprints are capable of gaining access.

You will always need to get your gun as fast as possible in case of an attack. The traditional locking systems are a little bit slow when it comes to opening. During attacks, every single second is important for you to get your gun. This is where a biometric safe is important as within a matter of seconds, your safe will be opened in case there is an intruder. Unlike the lock systems that come with just a few keys for access hence few people can access it at a time, the biometric ones are capable of being accessed by any family member at any time since most of them allow for up to 30 different fingerprints for access.

A biometric safe can easily be opened even in the dark, unlike the traditional systems. This is unlike the other traditional safes that one finds it difficult to open without some form of illumination. The time spent to illuminate a safe and the act of illumination itself is quite risky and gives the intruder enough time and the preciseness they need to launch an attack.  For the biometric ones, just with a sense of touch, you can locate and use your fingerprint to open the unit even in the dark.


The truth is that biometric safes give the highest protection degree of firearms and other accessories thus preventing any unauthorized entry. The most important feature that gives them all the credit though is the fact that you can easily get access in the event of intrusion and attack.