Best Gun Safe Under 1000 Dollars Reviews 2020

Keeping weapons is a risky venture and it is necessary to take every precaution against theft or even in cases when natural disaster like fire and flood occurs. A gun safe is actually used for purpose of storing one or many firearms in a box which is safe and sound. In simple terms it is a storage place having additional features for security purposes so that unwanted access can be denied.

Best Gun Safes Under 1000 Dollars

Review of some important gun safe for the money that people prefer to buy is as follows:

1. BEST CHOICE – Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model # QAP1BE

With dimensions of 2.2*6.6*9.7 inches and weight of 12.9 pounds Sentry, Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe is an apt container for semi-automatic full-sized hand-guns and other firearms. One of its unique features is its ability to allow quick access at time of emergency through compression gas-strut. Besides combination locks, it also has advanced Biometric technology that permits fingerprints as access code. This superior technology prevents illegal entrée inside any firearm container. Gun safe includes a programmable key pad that is operated digitally and even has an override key. It is a very useful feature as it lets effortless admittance to a firearm during any gun safe under 1000

Available in one of the universally accepted color black this specially designed solid gun safe is constructed of 12 gauge strong steel. It is safe from any intrusion and intruders as its pry-resistant door bans unauthorized entry. It also requires 4 AA size batteries for its operation and it is important to check the durability of batteries at regular intervals for efficient workings.

2. Stack-On E-040-SB-E Elite Junior Executive Fire Safe with Electronic Lock

With an approximate cost price between 460 dollars to 480 dollars Stack-On E-040-SB-E Elite Junior Executive Fire Safe is one of the favourite gun safe available under 1000 dollar pricing. Designed with an intention of pleasing gun enthusiasts by maintaining quality along with affordability has been an important aspect of this gun safe. It has nearly ten locking points with 3-spoke large handle made of steel for its rotation. This gun safe is operated electronically and provides warning during illegal entry and also if battery is low.

Its interior is completely carpeted and has three shelves that adjust according to demands and situations. This gun safe is very attractive and beautiful to look at with its black powder paint exterior and silver matte finish door.  With only 225 pounds in weight its dimensions include 19.8*20.9*40 inches. It is made of steel for longevity, safety and durability purposes. Stack-On gun safe has been successfully tested for security and safety measures by meeting regulations and requirements set up by ‘’Department of Justice Firearms, California’’. Important features of this gun safe includes being convertible and getting an ETL rated certificate for being fire resistance when exposed to temperatures as high as 1400 degree F.

3. GunVault MicroVault Handgun Safe

Affordability is one of the main characteristics of GunVault MicroVault as its price is less than 100 dollars. Its vital features include outer dimension of 11*8-1/2*2-1/4 inches whereas it’s internal dimensions are 10-3/4*6-1/2*2 inches. Although portable, this gun safe has enough space for a magazine and its ammunition. Available in black color, the notebook style gun safe is very light and weighs only five pounds. It has lining of foam in its interior to provide protection to firearms against any damage. Safety measures of Handgun Safe include ultra-reliable security cable that helps to carry firearms to different places in case of emergency. High security lock-down facility for its defence help in protection against unauthorized tampering.

Biometric facilities or mechanism for fingerprint locking through standard keypad consists of provisions for a minimum of one hundred and twenty fingerprints. It is an amazing security feature that also provides quick access because of its compact nature. One of the salient features of steel constructed gun safe is its ability to warn against low batteries through visual and audible movement whenever a keypad is in operation. It also has a No-Eyes keypad that operates even in darkness.

4. SentrySafe X055 Security Safe, 0.5 Cubic Feet, Black

Carpeted interior flooring of SentrySafe X055 Security Safe provides protection against damage to firearms. Solid and durable steel material is used for its construction purposes and it also has a pry-resistant door that guarantees long-lasting dependable services.  With outer dimensions of 13.8*10.6*8.7 inches and weight of 23lbs it is available in black color.

Gun safe is designed in such a manner that a person is able to install it by himself through simple instructions in the available manual. Security features of gun safe include an override key that ensures easy access to a firearm and an effective locking system that is operated electronically. Digital locks are programmed in such a way that they enable a person to choose their own combination for security purposes. 2 bolts that have live-locking features along with bolt-down kit provide additional security as they prevent removal of gun safe from office or residence. Four AA size batteries are vital for its uninterrupted functioning. Green, red and yellow LED lights are also available during its operation.

5. Stack-On Personal Safe with Electronic Lock, Black

Stack-On Personal Safe has approval of California DOJ under the regulations of Penal Code section 23655.  It is constructed from solid steel material and its hidden hinges and pry-resistant door provides additional security to gun safe. It has a removable shelf whose interior includes bottom with foam padding. While storing weapons inside this gun safe it is necessary to bolt it to the floor with help of two locking bolts. This provides additional security to the firearms inside a gun safe.

Available in black color Stack-On gun safe weighs 20.7 pounds and has dimensions of 9.8*13.8*9.8 inches. Safety measures include an electronic lock and a key pad that is very easy-to-read. Fingerprint access has become a vital security measure as they are unique because they do not match with any other fingerprints in this world. It also has a back-up key in situation where a person forgets its combination. If more than three unsuccessful combination attempts are made then it also has a time-out period to take action against intruders. 4 AA size batteries are required for its operation and a warning light exists to warn against low battery.

Advantages of using Best gun safe for the money 

Using a gun safe is a natural precaution against numerous factors and some important ones are as follows-

  • It acts as a protective gear for various firearms
  • It also is a storage compartment for ammunition of guns
  • Any unauthorized person will be unable to gain access and therefore is a safe prevention against burglary
  • Gun safe have various features like fingerprint identification and combination locks that provides extra security to firearms
  • Gun safe are durable in nature as most of them are built from solid steel material
  • Gun safe are made to withstand any form of tampering because of its pry-resistant door

Who should buy Gun safe under 1000 dollar

People who buy various firearms must always buy a gun safe for their weapons. It is necessary as a gun safe helps to keep the weapons in a container that is safe, secure and not easily accessible to unauthorised personnel. Keeping guns without a gun safe is illegal in numerous countries and in most places a gun safe has to pass certain formalities before usage. Storing weapons in a gun safe also prevents unwanted access by children or untrained people and therefore it is a moral responsibility of every gun holder to buy a gun safe for safekeeping of weapons.

Weapon enthusiasts will take into consideration a lot of factors before buying a gun safe under 1000 dollar. Numerous manufacturers provide branded products and they are quite common as people prefer a reputed brand name instead of any unknown name. It is also necessary to go through various features of a gun safe so that the ultimate product meets every individual requirement correctly.


It is easy to decipher how important and necessary a gun safe under 1000 dollar is for our peace of mind. The mechanical and electronic locks along with biometric facilities are a boon for individuals and one can actually take a sigh of relief because his/her gun is confined in a gun safe. Thus, a gun safe prevents intruders from taking away the firearm from any place and its numerous qualities prevent undue damages against fire and other natural disasters.