What is the best hunting dog in the world ?

There are many number of dog breeds that are invented by people. Some dogs sit in home with us; some others guard the houses and the remaining dogs are generally used for hunting. Compared to the other dogs, hunting dogs possess many unique qualities. Some of the characteristics of hunting dogs are ferocious, fearless, vigilant, sharp nose, good eyesight and sensitive ears. Hunting dogs also possess strength and large size. All these characteristics of hunting dogs depend on the type of breed.

The best hunting dog should be best in all these qualities and should be smart and quick. These hunting dogs are never allowed for socialization with any other dog. Unlike home pet, hunting dogs are trained in different way as they require different skills. Hunting dogs are declared the best and are trained to fight even without food in different climatic conditions. Hunting dogs are trained a lot to be best in the world. Some of the best hunting dogs are discussed below:

Golden Retriever

This breed is the best hunting dog breed in the world. Golden retriever is known for its high intelligence and athletic build. This breed is always loyal to its owner and also very energetic. In general, golden retriever is suitable for soft-bodied animals and hunting birds. They have tender mouth and their skin is prevented from any damage.

Basset Hound

The basset hound is known for its sharp nose and is hence declared as the best hunting dogs in the world. The basset hound not only hunts hares and badgers but also hunts many other small animals. Some of the characteristics of basset hound are powerful and short legs, big head, and strong bones which declares it as the best hunter in the world. This breed often has wilful character and is friendly in nature which is the big drawback of being called as a hunter.

Blood Hound

These are declared as the best hunting dog from 13th century. They can remember the prey’s smell for a long time and are very vigilant in nature. Although they are declared as hunters, they are used for finding thieves, people and missing animals because of their searching ability. Although this breed has excellent capability of hunting, they also have friendly nature. Though blood hound is the best hunter breed, it is also known for its best company with the people.


This breed is especially known for hunting rabbits and hares. Some characteristics of this breed are persistence, quick-wittedness, courage and energy. The most essential quality of hunting is excellent nose. Beagle consists of excellent nose senses which are why it is regarded as the best hunting breed in the world. In dangerous cases, this breed doesn’t show any kind of aggressive behaviour rather manages with sonorous bark. Beagles is the only hunting dog that goes well with children, owner and other dogs.

Russian Borzoi

This breed has excellent eyesight when compared to the other breeds. Russian borzoi also has sensitive ears which makes it best hunting dog. This breed is specially used for hunting wolf, wild boar, deer and other type of large animals. This dog is trained to chase its prey even from long distances as it is very hardy and can track down very easily unlike other hunting dogs.

American water spaniel

This breed is called a gun dog and is excellent hunters in water as it is the best swimmer. This breed is good at fishing, can dive well and can hunt for waterfowls. In spite of being called the best hunter, it is also known for its loyalty, smartness and friendliness. These dogs can also protect their masters from other monsters.

English Pointer

This breed of hunting dog is being used since 17th century. Some of the characteristics of this breed are persistence, ability of pursuing the game, ability to dive and enthusiasm. Because of these characteristics, it is known as the best hunting dog in the world. It is best suitable for hunting birds. The dog is extensively trained for loves games, jumping, and running and is well built in nature. Although it is known for its hunting nature, this dog is not so aggressive and lives with other people friendly and with loyalty.

Garden Setter

This breed is regarded as the natural hunter breed unlike other hunter dogs which are trained for hunting. This dog is specially suited for hunting birds and waterfowls. Some of the qualities of this breed are graceful movements, smooth movements, bravery, sharp nose and high intelligence which make it as excellent hunter. This dog is also very calm in nature and lives friendly with kids.


This is called as American hunting dog and has excellent nose senses and can get its prey in trees or from underground which makes it the best hunting dog in the world. This dog hunts raccoon, bear and opossum.