How to Catch Mullet In 3 Methods

how to catch mullet

Fishing for mullets is fun and enjoyable, especially in a warm coastal water where they often travel in a group. That’s why many fishers may think of various ways to approach the mullet. However, how to catch mullet efficiently? That’s why three methods below would help you handle the mullet fishing in difference ways.

How to catch mullet with a net


Get a cast net

As the mullet often gather along at the water's surface, you can find them quickly with a cast net. This execution is way more efficiently than a line and hook method. Besides, you need to aware of the mullet's excellent eyesight. Because after they realize your “fake” cast net, they would quickly dart away.

Moreover, you need to check a regulation of your intended fishing area to determine a mesh size limit. For instance, the fisherman is permitted to catch a mullet with a 1-inch stretch mesh in Florida.

Look for a potential spot

You have to find the place the mullet often swim in large schools. Besides, you need to know that they do not gather off a pier, inshore from a boat, or near the sea wall. Also, you hardly find them in a stream or shady canals.

Yet, you could ask for many helpful pieces of advice from the local fishing gear and tackle shops. And there are plenty of mullet fishing clubs to acquire detailed information.

Practice at home beforehand

You know practice makes perfect. To be able to handle in varied situations, you need to spread the net into the water at home at first. Here are three simple steps to go over:

• Determine a target for your practice such as a ball, or a tire.
• Make a real effort to catch the target when standing a few feet away.
• To enhance your skill, try to move further and aim for the best.

Notice any change on the water surface

Truly, the mullet often congregates in a large school and actively leap out of the water. That's why you could spot them in the water easily. Especially, you may look for the sign of their movements like patches or bubbles. Now, try to calm yourself and patiently watch for fishes that break the water surface.

Cast a net

After spotting some mullet at hand, you could cast your net. Now, follow four steps below to handle them smoothly.

• Tie the rope’s ending side around the throwing wrist. And the rest of the rope braids around the arm.
• You adjust its position how to keep it next to you and able to weight at its bottom.
• With the other hand, you place the head rope under your thumb. Then, your right hand will hold the headline at arm's length in the front of the body.
• Move your body backward to the right to swing the net forward. Then, you release it at a bit upward angle toward the fish.

Put the fishing net

As the fishing net sinks down in the water, you could sense when it touches the ground. Since you no longer find a slight tension on the rope, the sharp tug surely hits the base and closes the net. Now, all you have to do to is to roll the rope around your palm and elbow arm to pull it. By this way, it would not get tangled and tire up yourself.

Use a hook and line with chum bait

striped mullet

Here is how to catch mullet with a hook and line efficiently. Regardless of many requirements of skillful technique and extreme patience, you can make it work by following these four instructions.

Select a suitable oatmeal chum

To enhance your chance of catching them, you need a bait that attracts a huge number of mullets. So, you could cast them into the chum, then the mullet would bite it eagerly.

Choose a right tackle

As for a light spinning rod, you could spin a cast reel to spill with a line less than a 10lbs test. To make it reach deeper into the water, you can add a cork, floats market or hook spaced for roughly ten inches.

Get the bait ready for hooking mullets

Honestly, how to catch a mullet without bait is truly tough. So, you should prepare the bait. Here are four tips to assist you in making an irresistible bait.

• Divide a laying mash into equal parts.
• Mix them with the oatmeal in a bowl.
• Add some water to have a needed consistency of the mixed ball. Make sure these balls are not too thick as it consumes longer time to dissolve. And it may sink straight to the bottom. On the other hand, it would break into pieces that prevent you from catching the mullet.
• Keep readjusting it until it can dissolve slowly in the water. Hence, your bait is ready to attract the mullet. As a result, you could catch the mullet handily.

Cast into the chum

After determining the place where there is a huge school of mullets, you can toss the ball into the water. Right after it begin dissolving, you can hook them with the chum. In the end, with the irresistible bait attached to the hook, you are on the way to catch the mullet confidently.

How to catch mullet with a hook and line

the mullet

Choose a suitable zone

Normally, you need to spot the place that the mullet often lay at, near and above the surface like tidal rivers, harbors, or canals. Indeed, they are often found eating algae on a rising tide.

Get the ready tackle

Secondly, you need to prepare the tackle as the same as the previous method. You can use a light rod with a click-drag reel and long leaders to prop 6lbs. Also, it is required to have a sufficient diameter line to cope with the mullet’s great eyesight.

Prepare for your bait

A next step is indeed the bait preparation. For this reason, it is quite a tough mission as it is not likely to encourage the mullet coming. However, four widely-used baits you could try are an invertebrate, algae, peeled prawn, or fresh bread.

As using a fly could help you fish the mullet well, you need to opt for a reasonable one. In specific, you should use a small and plain fly.

Target the size of mullets

Finally, you would be astonished at how the modest size mullet could fiercely fight off your hook. That's why you need to manipulate them well. Particularly, you should not pull the reel quickly. Instead, you can use a landing net for the final catch.

Also, to know whether the mullet around here, you may use a braided line. Besides, you should focus intensively when landing the mullet as they can jump off quickly.


mullet fish

Overall, it is undeniably fun to go fishing, especially fishing this large number of mullet. Regardless of a young fisherman, you can figure out how to catch mullet effectively by following these instructions. Each method grants you a different experience in fishing. And you can pick the most suitable method.

Now, let’s start catching the mullet after preparing enough fishing essentials (etc. a rod and reel). Hope you enjoy a happy fishing!

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