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Using Technology to Hunt

In this modern world, technology is advanced enough to provide us some convenient ways in order to do a lot of stuff. In this case, we will teach you about exploiting the wonders and features of modern technology in order to hunt down animals. There are some modern tools that we can actually use in […]

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How to Draw Target During Bowhunt

There are several reasons why one fails to get a good game. It could be because of low level of expertise in manipulating bow and arrow, poor quality equipment, bad calculation and timing, or simply no animals in the area. Among these reasons, the latter seems to be the most difficult since it is something […]

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Using Your Ammo Wisely

Every hunting enthusiast knows that hunting equipment, particularly rifles and pistols, could get very expensive. Maintaining and reloading your gun also become added costs in the future. Though a round of ammunition could last around 6 months to one year, depending on how often you hunt, there is no denying that replacing them is expensive. […]

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