5 Turkey Hunting Tips To Tagging A Gobbler This Spring

In our never ending search for better turkey hunting tips, we’ve reached out to World-renowned turkey hunter Ray Eye who has been lighting up the world of turkey hunting with his Chasing Spring series in auditoriums and meeting places across the country. A lifetime of video footage and the uncanny wit and humor of Eye coupled with his dead serious, … Read more


There is nothing more relaxing than spending time in the woods while hunting. It can be tempting to just stow your crossbow in the closet when you get home, forgetting about it until the next getaway. But that is a surefire way to ruin a fine weapon. The hunt isn’t over when you return home, … Read more

Simple Hacks To Keep Your Gun Super Safe

Only the owner knows the pain of a damaged firearm. If you are a proud owner of your firearm that keeps you and your family safe, you must also take sufficient precautions to keep it off the reach of trespassers too. Often, guns are prone to damages due to the improper gun safety measures enforced. … Read more

Essential Hunting Gear For Beginners-Hunting Topics

Are you a first-time hunter or you ought to enter into the hunting world? Worry not. You must prepare yourself well and have the right gear and equipment for your hunting. Most hunters go out in the wild with hopes that they will catch the prey. However, this cannot be accomplished if you don’t have … Read more