Blunt Bullets: Hit Hard or Miss

It is quite annoying to know that the weapon you bought for your hunting escapade is not the perfect match for you. There are different factors that constitute to this concern; maybe it is because of the wrong riffle that you used in hunting or maybe because of the incompetent bullets that you loaded in the … Read more

How to Increase Your Crossbow Shooting Speed

A crossbow is a weapon that is used by many hunters around the world. If you are a novice hunter, crossbow hunting may be unfamiliar to you. Maybe after seeing one, you have doubts and questions left unanswered such as: “Does it really have sufficient strength to kill a prey?” “How to load it?” “Does it work like the … Read more

How to make a Crossbow ?

Various manufacturers are attracted to crossbow design over the past few years. The crossbow design can be made simple through the path of least resistance. A strengthening flank is covered on both sides of the stock of crossbow. The combination barrel is served by the aluminium assembly which is flat. The nose of the forestock is set … Read more

How to use Crossbow ?

Every hunter finds it confusing to use crossbow as it has complex procedure. This article clearly explains the usage of crossbow in clear steps. There are many types of crossbows and the modern and recent ones are more accurate, fast and powerful than the old ones. Shooting with crossbows also gives a lot of pleasure … Read more