What Do Raccoons Eat: The Best Answer – Hunting Topics

Raccoons fall in the class of mammals. A raccoon is a small animal with a body length of 40-90 cm. Their average weight is 11-57 lbs. Raccoons’ body is covered by thick underfur that helps to protect them from cold. They are known to be intelligent and having good memory as they can recall a … Read more

How Long Are Deer Pregnant? Important Facts You Need To Know

Deer is one of the widely distributed animals around the world, with footprints in all continents except Antarctica and Australia. Asides their wide distribution, they also produce meat, known as venison, which is highly nutritious. Asides the highly nutritive value of their meats, the hoofs, and horns of deer are also used for ornamental purposes … Read more

Why Hunting is Bad ?

Violence is never a solution, no matter what situation it is. It only results in bloodshed which further fuels hatred. We have all become so self centered that today everything is right if it benefits us, be it killing animals, birds or humans. From morning to night today all we do is the fight. First, … Read more

The key to Bighorn Sheep success

Bighorn Sheep are found in North America and are the continent’s native species. It is called so because of its big horns which weigh around 14 kgs. They are bulky creatures who weigh around 140 kgs. Some time back one of the species of Bighorn Sheep was declared endangered because of excessive hunting and a … Read more

What Do Deer Like To Eat: The Best Delicacies You Can Offer

Animals are known to eat almost everything they come across, especially when food is scarce. However, animals keep changing their diet based on the accessibility of foods. Surprisingly, deer have a favorite meal. We shall enlighten you on the foods that are highly preferred by deer. However, if you live in a place that is … Read more