Choose The Right Compound Bow Accessories for Performance

As your archery and hunting skills develop you begin to upgrade your bow and experiment with different options. When you do purchase or upgrade a bow you want to make sure that you get the best compound bow accessories to help you get the moat performance you can from your bow. There are many accessories available to you to obtain your goals in the performance of your bow. These goals different from person to person. A target archery competitor needs are different from the needs of an avid bow hunter. We will take a look at some of the more important compound bow accessories that need to be considered.

The sight of a compound is a vital part of the bow that will help you to focus the aim to the precise point you are trying to hit. This is very important in hunting game because you want to really focus in on the vitals to make a quicker kill. You can shot without sights but it takes a lot more practice to develop a shot by instinct.

Bow Sight

Fixed Pin

This sight usually consists of three pins. Each pin will have a different color and to represent different shooting distances. When tightened each pin becomes stationary. The pins in this sight are usually set at 20, 30, and 40 yards.

Movable pin

This type of sight usually consists of one pin that you can dial in at whichever distance you decide to shoot. This sight usually takes longer to set to a comfortable range of distance especially to obtain longer shots.

Pendulum sight

These sights are specially designed for hunters that use deer stands a lot. This type of sight swings freely as the angle of your bow changes when shooting from different situation that stand hunting will provide.

Arrow Rest

Another important accessory that you really need to look at is a good arrow rest. This compound bow accessory plays an extremely important role of holding your arrow steadily in place as you aim your shot. Two of the best arrow rest are the drop-away and full capture rest.

Drop Away Arrow Rest

Drop-away rest gets the name from doing just that. When you release your bow this arrow rest will drop down out of the way creating a path for your arrow that is free from any type of obstruction. This helps a lot with speed and accuracy because the fletching from the arrow doesn’t touch anything.

Full Capture Arrow Rest

Full capture arrow rest operate totally the opposite. These arrow rest completely surround the arrow in a circular enclosure. This does slow the arrow down a little but not much. It is worth the sacrifice of a little speed when using this type of rest because your arrow is almost always in positions for the shot. Very seldom will fall off of this rest.


Also one of the most important pieces to consider is a stabilizer. A stabilizer is designed to help balance the bow to get a better feel for your bow. A stabilizer will help contribute the weight and balance throughout the bow to give you a steady and accurate shot. A really good stabilizer will also serve the purpose of keeping your bow silent and dampen any vibration during your shot.

These are some of your more important compound bow accessories you should consider purchasing. Lots of other accessories such as a bow release, quiver, wrist sling, and especially the bow string to help keep your bow at peak performance.

Do your research and always check with a qualified bow technician when purchasing the best compound bow accessories!