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What Do Deer Eat: The Best Delicacies You Can Offer

What Do Deer Eat

Deer are graceful animals. It is not easy to find a land species that are majestic like them. Many people want to lure these creatures out. And one way to do it is by giving food. But do you know what do deer eat?

If you can see a herd of deer skipping around the woods, then they are might searching for food. These treats could range from nuts, twigs, and acorns. Of course, a deer will eat whatever that is within its diet.

What Do Deer Eat: Basic Diet

Deer, especially the white-tailed ones, are herbivores. Usually, these animals are more active in the night than the dark. In short, they are nocturnal creatures. Because of this particular characteristic, deer are not that choosy when it comes to the plant they want to eat. Among these staples are the natural grass, fruit, corn, alfalfa, and nuts. They even eat variants of fungi.

The diet of a deer remains to be constant within the year. In fact, they will eat anything that is within their access. During the warm seasons, they typically eat corn, acorns, and nuts. It is also notable that deer consumes a lot of green foods during the hot season.

Winter may be a difficult scenario for deer. After all, the cold weather is not friendly for agricultural yields. Food is scarce for deer during the winter. Therefore, they have to scavenge so that they can get a good meal.

On the cold days, whitetail deer like to eat soybeans, cowpeas, and corns that are lying on the snow. These creatures do not like plucking food from stalks. As a matter of fact, they can ignore a row of standing crops and opt to scavenge on fields that had been harvested.

Because of this particular temperament, landowners and farmers would knock down some of their rows with the use of a truck. In this way, they can alter the feeding location of deer to reduces chances of damages.

Many hunters argue which food works best for deer during the late seasons. For example, corn may not come to the top as a food offering. This is for the reason that this staple is so common to deer that they no longer find it attractive. As a result, a lot of hunters are now using brassicas and soybeans.

For the best output, you can always plant all of these three plants. Try to diversify their location and planting time so that you could provide variety. There is a good chance that you can attract deer by doing this.

Forest Deer and Big Wood Deer

Deer that are living in the forests and woods have a low metabolism. Therefore, they don't have to eat much because their bodies don't burn too much of their calories. Moreover, their lifestyle is pretty sedentary. They don't use too much energy throughout a day.

Despite these realities, a deer has still need to exceed its primary energy requirements. Usually, they get their fuel from twigs, hemlock, hazelwood, aspen, and other varieties of wood plants.

It is also important to note that white cedar can provide energy to a deer for 100 days! However, you should feed them with this woody browse 6 pounds per day. Of course, this task is difficult. Even deer yards always encounter with providing such level of provisions.

Old Man's Beard

Another food that a forest deer love is the "Old Man's Beard." This meal is a gray arboreal lichen. It got its name because this delicacy has a close semblance to a Spanish moss. Usually, you can spot these lichens on dead balsam trees and spruce.

If you can spot tracks of deer that are going to a cluster of dead trees, try to look for these lichens. You can easily find them growing on the branches. You need to take them out if they are beyond the reach of the deer. If you are lucky, a herd of deer will flock to you.

Lichens are like dessert to deer. This item contains fungus and algae that are essential for the nourishment of deer. It also includes varieties of micro-nutrients.

Because of this healthy composition, lichens are usually the lifeline of these creatures during has seasons.

Important Note

Deer like to rest wherever that is close to their food sources. As we mentioned, these animals have a sedentary lifestyle. As much as possible, they don't want to walk too far. Therefore, you need to look for thick beddings for them.

You can prefer the use of cedars and woodland thicket. The denser the beddings, the better. You can attract more deer by providing them a good sanctuary to rest.


Knowing what do deer like to eat is important. If you are planning to lure them out, these food offerings we mentioned will indeed work! Just always take note of the season. In this way, you can provide them the best and tastiest menu!

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