Everything you need to know how to get a firearm license.

The rules and regulations for obtaining firearms license changes from state to state. If a person wants to buy a gun for purposes like repairing, selling or similar kind, he or she should get a proper firearms license from the federal authorities. Any other persons like dealers, importers, pawnbrokers, manufacturers, collectors of relics and curios should also get license before buying firearms license. One should know whether he or she is eligible for this license as there are some conditions laid out by the authorities.

Requirements for obtaining firearms license

One should check whether all the requirements are fulfilled before applying for the license. The first and foremost requirement is that the applicant must be of 21 years old and should possess U.S citizenship. The applicant must be resident of the particular state in which he or she is applying for the license. It is a compulsory requirement that the candidate must never be allowed in any violation of firearms licence before the application of this license. You should also not be convicted with any crime for a period of one year or more. The candidate should have a record of using controlled substances legally and no addiction to them. The candidate should never have committed with any mental asylums.


A mere possession of firearms license doesn’t allow you to possess any kind of firearm as it leads to violation of license rules and regulations. This license is not for personal use and is issued only for business purposes. The possession of this license doesn’t allow the candidate to conduct any firearms business against the rules and regulations of state and local laws. If a person wants to sell any firearm income shows like gun shows, there is no need for the possession of any firearms license as it requires other licenses. Also if the candidate is buying firearms for personal use, there is no need for applying firearms license as it is issued only four business purposes.

Make sure that your business meets all the local regulations as violation of any such local regulation may lead to the cancellation of license. The candidate must also ensure that firearms must be sold from the address listed in the license. The majority of sales must to be non-family members as mentioned by the concerned authorities. The correct forms must be entailed from the local ATF office or from ATF website. The application must be filled carefully and all the necessary information must be disclosed without which the license will be cancelled. The fingerprints of the candidate must be provided to the local enforcement agency which is attached with the application.

A recent photograph should also be attached with the license application according to the instructions given in the form. The completely filled application must be submitted to the concerned authority along with the fee prescribed for various purposes. The copy of the application must be submitted to the local enforcement office who is generally the chief. After the submission of this application, the candidate must be ready for the inspecting as a physical inspection is done by the persons from the concerned authorities. The inspection is done any time after the submission of the form. Before applying for any firearms license, it is better to contact the local law enforcement agencies as they provide you the intent of the application.


The firearms license must be renewed for every 3 years in order to stay in compliance with tobacco, alcohol, explosives and firearms. Separate licenses should be applied by the candidate if he or she possesses more than one business as per the location of the business. If the firearms business is not permitted by the state for any reasons, then the firearms license is not provided to the candidate as it violates the rules of the concerned state. The license period varies from state to state and hence should be renewed periodically as per the expiry time of the concerned state.

Any issues can be settled in courts of concerned states which ask for the proper identification and address proof along with the stamped envelope of the application form. The record history will be checked by the probate judge and then followed by law enforcement agency after 30 days. Later, it is determined whether the candidate can get firearms license or not according to the rules stated in the laws. The probate judge has all the powers to restrain the candidate from getting the license if the candidate is proved with criminal records. Also, if the candidate has any medical history of treatment in mental hospital and in drug rehabilitation, the application will be canalled. However, a recommendation from the hospital authorities may help in determining the provision of firearms license to the candidate who wants to do business with firearms.