What Is the First Step in Cleaning a Firearm?

What Is the First Step in Cleaning a Firearm

What is the first step in cleaning a firearm? This question is pretty common, especially for new gun owners. After all, cleaning the gun on a regular basis is essential to maintain its quality and performance.

Any professional firearm user can tell you that the operation of a clean gun is better than the dirt one. The mechanisms inside the weapon can work smoothly if there are no clutter inside. Of course, the occurrence of residues is inevitable.

Each of the ammunition that you fire leaves sediments inside. Therefore, it is necessary for your cleaning process to be meticulous and thorough.

This article will teach you the basics of cleaning a firearm, as well as the important first step. Take time to read so that you can be familiar with the entire process.

What is the First Step in Cleaning a Firearm: Preparations

Do not start cleaning your firearm until you don't have the following items on hand. Each of them is necessary for the proper process of cleaning your gun. Here are they:

● Lubricant (gun oil)
● Cleaning solvent
● Cleaning rod
● Flashlight
● Cotton swabs
● Microfiber cloths (for polishing)
● Nylon brush
● Bore brush
● Patches and patch holder
● Cotton swabs

Unloading your Gun

The first step of cleaning a firearm is to discharge it properly. This step is crucial for your safety. You need to take any rounds left inside the gun. Moreover, you also need to remove the magazine so that you can clean your weapon properly.

To do this process, you need to open the chamber. In doing so, always pay attention to the barrel. Peek from its end and make sure that there are no rounds of ammunition left inside.

Of course, it would be risky if you try to remove any extra round on the front. Never do such.

Gun Disassembly

The process of disassembling gun is different, depending on the specifications of the manufacturer. You have to follow these sets of instructions to make sure that you can take out all the removable parts. In complying with the guidelines, you are also avoiding any instances that you might any parts.

Logically, you should refrain your curiosity and just stay aligned to the manual. The more parts you can remove from the gun, the easier the cleaning.

Barrel Cleaning

The first thing you have to clean is the barrel. Specifically, you need to clean the bore or the inner portion of the barrel. Use your cleaning rod and attach a cotton patch to it by the utilization of a patch holder.

Take the patch and soak it with the cleaning solvent. After this, carefully insert the patch into the barrel until it can exit on the other side. Just repeat the inserting process until such time you can remove any debris inside.

Next, use a dry patch to wipe the fluid residues inside the bore.

After cleaning, you need to lubricate the barrel as well. Use the same method, by this time, use a cotton mop. The mop should be soaked in a gun conditioner. Just insert the rod with the cotton swab from one side of the barrel and let it exit from the other side.

Action Cleaning

Never forget to clean the action as well. Use a gun brush and clean all parts of the action thoroughly. Be meticulous in this process as you have to make sure that you can take out any existing debris. Next to brushing, use a fresh dry cloth to wipe the action.

Of course, you have to lubricate any moving parts of the action. Take in mind that lubricating the exterior parts of the action will optimize the performance of your gun. However, never use a thick coating when lubricating. Instead, a light polishing of lubricant will do.

Cleaning the Rest of the Gun

After the action and the barrel, you need to focus on the other parts of the gun. You need to use a silicon-soaked cloth in cleaning the other components of the weapon. This type of clothing can provide a glossy texture to the parts without harming their surfaces.

Although silicon materials are the ideal choice, they are not mandatory. You can use any soft cloth to your liking.


Cleaning your firearm is a responsibility that you must convert into a habit. If you want to preserve the quality of your gun, then you have to take care of it properly. Regular cleaning is pretty vital, regardless of the type of weapon that you have. Learn all the steps we shown and you can guarantee that your beloved firearm will always be in its top condition.

Moreover, never forget to practice caution at all times. A responsible gun owner treats every gun as if it is loaded. The same concept also applies to cleaning a gun. There should be no exception as this machine can be lethal, regardless of who owns it.

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