Here’s What People Are Saying About Hunting Air Rifle

Hunting is a sport that must be taken quite seriously because even one mistake can be land you into trouble. Before going out on a hunting expedition one should make certain essential preparations which include knowing about the area where you’ll be hunting, animals found in those areas, ways how to save yourself if you encounter one, things not to do to provoke them, gear required while hunting, rifle to be chosen etc. These points and various others must be considered in order to make your expedition a success. For instance, in Rockies you’ll find Bighorn Sheep which are like trophies for hunters. Out there on the same grounds you’ll also find Mountain Lions. You are there to capture a sheep but there is a lion who is ready to pounce on you. A professional and expert hunter is one who takes care of these situations before hand and is always prepared to handle them.

Air rifles

One of the most important tool required for hunting is a rifle. Without this you cannot hunt. Air rifles or pellet guns as they are commonly called are weapons used for shooting, hunting and other recreational purpose. Instead of bullets these guns use projectiles or pellets made of metal. The metallic projectile is released by using compressed air mechanism which is different from those present in firearms. There are a variety of air rifles available in market.

A hunter should have at least some basic knowledge of air rifles and their working before he goes out for hunting. Not every rifle is alike and one should choose the most appropriate rifle for shooting. For instance, if you plan to go out on a Moose hunting expedition then you require an air rifle of high caliber and strength because Moose skin is thick. In order to penetrate its thick skin you need to have an appropriate rifle.

Hardest to shoot

Air rifles are the hardest to shoot because they are loud and clumsy. They work on spring-piston mechanism which generates two recoils, viz. forward and backward. Forward recoil is generated when the spring is released while backward is generated when piston slams onto compression chamber’s wall.

Other than this one should also understand the working of an air rifle. Air rifles are different from firearms because they have a completely different firing mechanism and instead of bullets they shoot pellets. Secondly, pellets do not hit accurately because of various aspects, like wind resistance, weight, recoils, sound barrier and other turbulences. An air rifle generally is of .177 caliber and it is hard to shoot their light pellets straight.

Improve your accuracy

In order to shoot accurately with an air gun you must improve your artillery hold. You should hold the gun a little bit loosely and let it float while taking an aim. Secondly, you must use a heavier set of pellets that can reach their destination without facing much turbulence. Thirdly, practice a lot with your air rifle and understand the projectile and the way pellets fall. Here are some of the air rifles that are popularly used for hunting.

Air Venturi Bronco

This is one of the most used hunting rifles. It is a bit slow but has a good caliber. It shoots straight and has a 2-pound bi-stage trigger. It has a good short range accuracy and is also relatively quieter than other air rifles. It has a good trigger and is easy to cock too. This rifle is prefect for those hunters who wish to keep their budget low but still want to sharpen their shooting skills. It has a caliber of .177 along with 600 fps.

RWS Model 48

RWS Model 48 air rifle is used by serious hunters who like to spend once and get the best tools. Fire as much as you want and you’ll still be surprised to learn about its capability. It has a TO6 trigger that can be easily adjusted. It cocks using a side lever which is far better than break-barrel mechanism and requires less movement. It is superbly well balanced rifle. A hunter who wants to exploit the capabilities of a rifle and wants to get comfortable with one should but it. It has a .22 caliber with 900 fps.

Benjamin Marauder

It is a pre-charged pneumatic air rifle which doesn’t need to be cocked. Fill its air reservoir to around 3000 psi and experience its power. The rifle shoots best between 2000 and 2300 psi. You can fill heavy metallic pellets in its 84-round magazine. Its a superb hunting rifle that is a must buy for all serious hunters. It is a .25 caliber air rifle with up to 900 fps.

If you are a serious hunter buy any of these air rifles and become a professional.