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How Should You Hold a Handgun for Maximum Accuracy

How should you hold a handgun for maximum accuracy

How should you hold a handgun for maximum accuracy? This question is important to be answered. After all, no gun owners would like to waste their ammo on shooting at nothing!

Most action movies we see typically depicts the precision of the lead actors in hitting their enemies. In any angles and positions, these protagonists can just hit anything. It may look so simple on the screen. But on the real life, that's not the case.

You probably ran into some issues during your first attempt to use a handgun. It seems like shooting accurately and fast is tough. If you are right-handed, then you might usually be missing targets at the lower left portion. The opposite is also applicable if you are a left-handed shooter.

When you don't know how to hold a gun correctly, your accuracy will just get worse the more you are shooting. In the end, you are not improving your skills.

Therefore, it is pretty essential that you know the best way to hold a handgun.

How should You Hold a Handgun for Maximum Accuracy

There are a lot of possible ways to hold a handgun. However, most of these positions won't improve your shooting accuracy.

To hold a handgun properly, you should always remember consistency. In this way, you will be able to build a natural index on your aim every time you use your gun.

Gripping is also an important factor. Specifically, you should grip your handgun in a manner that enables you to maximize your control to the trigger. The knockback after pulling a trigger can disorient the trajectory of the bullet. Therefore, you should have control over the trigger for guaranteed accuracy.

Moreover, it is important that you have tight and solid hold to your handgun. As we mentioned, the recoil can fluster your aim. Also, holding the gun tightly lessens the chances of you dropping it.

Recoil Control

Any gun will recoil. There is nothing you can do about it. At this point, you should be the one who must adjust. After all, the recoil plays a huge role in the overall accuracy of your shots.

Preventing the gun from knocking back is just a waste of strength. A handgun has an explosive mechanism once it is firing a bullet. At this point, your goal is to minimize the effects of recoil.

The most efficient way to do this is through proper handgrip. Once you can do this, you will be able to lessen the time the sight moves away from your target.

Proper gripping will also allow the gun to return to its firing position. As a result, you can make consistent and accurate shots.

Proper Gripping

You should have a high hold to the grip of the gun. In this way, the recoil will go to the back of your arms and hands in a straight position. Using this gripping will allow you to repeat your shots in a more accurate and consistent manner.

If possible, you should always hold the gun with the use of your two hands. Moreover, you have to apply pressure from the rear to the front.

In gripping the gun, make sure that you can pull the trigger without disturbing your sight. Discovering your comfort zone on this matter is quite complicated. Therefore, you have to practice your hand gripping in a dry fire.

When practicing, do not get easily frustrated. If you see that your sight moved after you fired, then you don't be persistent. Instead, you just have to go on to the next position. Don't stop until you can achieve a stable grip to your handgun.

Each shooter has their ideal way of gripping their handgun. There are several factors for this. First, all of our hands have different sizes. Second, most handguns have varying stocks. Because of these elements, you may need to take time in practicing. There is no other way to do it.

For example, a person with small hands will have a have time in gripping a modern semi-automatic gun, especially if he is trying to pull the trigger from the rear straightly.

Regardless of the situation, you should always preserve your sights. After all, your line of sight is the most important part in shooting accurately. All of the other factors can be compromised. Just don't forget that you must not violate your sights.

It will be a huge ordeal on your part if you keep on disturbing your sight. Even professionals will tell you about this. In fact, your arm position is not that necessary. Instead, you should always pay attention to the proper positioning of your fingers to the trigger.


Learning the best way to hold a handgun for maximum accuracy is important. You don't want to make dangerous misfires while you are hunting or in the game. Moreover, you will just be wasting your precious ammunitions if you keep on missing. Having a handgun is a responsibility. Therefore, it is essential to practice with it constantly. In this way, you can use it correctly in any appropriate occasions.

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