How Many Miles Can You Walk in a Day?

Walking a mile can burn a lot of calories than running a mile. Plus, it causes less stress on your joints. So, that makes walking a top priority when it comes to boosting your physical activity, especially in getting in shape.

Unluckily, for most Americans, they lack the correct numbers when it comes to the distance they take in walking. Also, the length they step is less than any other adults in different countries around the world. So, let’s find out how many miles can you walk in a day?

Let’s get started!

How Often Should You Walk Each Week?

Before we discuss the distance you need to walk in a day, you need to determine how many days should you walk. Your goal is to achieve at least three days of walking per week. Then, you have to work your way up to 6 days every week as you get in shape. For some people, they can walk almost every single day because this is a low-impact activity. But, you also need to take note of the significance of rest and recovery. You must at least rest for two days per week.

How Many Miles Should You Walk Per Day?

For American Adults

Experts suggest that the average walks you need to take falls between 5,117 to 6,540 steps per day. Respectively, two thousand steps will approximately reach a mile of the walk. In short, the usual trails you have to fulfill each day is around 2 and a half to 3 miles a day. But, you need to remember that taking the number of steps will become complicated because of inaccuracies in accelerometers and pedometers.

For International Adults

Experts compared the U.S. adults distance of walking to other places in the world. For instance, U.S. adults can take around 5,117 steps each day, which fewer than that of Australian adults. They can walk up to 9,695 steps per day. Then, Switzerland follows this value with 9,560 steps. Next is Japan with 7,168 walks.

For Children

For kids aging 6 to 11 years old, the average number of steps is around 10,400 steps each day for boys. On the other hand, for girls, the value is 9,400 steps. That is approximately 5 miles of walk each day. For boys aging 12 to 17 years old, the recommended number of steps is about 8,400, while 6,400 for girls. That is roughly 3 to 4 miles per day.

For the Record

While the standard American adult walks are around 2 and a half to 3 miles each day, the highest distance per day should be more than that. Also, an average adult should walk at least 3 to 4 miles every hour at the right pace. That will account up to 96 miles per day. For the record, Paul Forthomme holds the record as the highest number of walks in 24 hours with 140.698 miles in 1984.

How Long Should You Take a Walk?

Ideally, you need to at least walk for 20 to 30 minutes in every session. But, you may walk longer than before when you get in shape. The longer your walk becomes, the more you burn calories. So, that will motivate you to keep pushing yourself to get fit. But, take note that time is cumulative. That means that you do not have a 60-minute walk in one session. You can even do several steps every 10 minutes per day.

Tips to Walk Successfully

Here are the tips and tricks you need to follow:

#1: Be at Ease in Walking

Take note that you must warm up and start at a slow pace. Later on, you can work your way up gradually.

#2: Wear the Right Footwear

A perfectly supportive pair of shoes will be comfortable when you go the distance. So, you need to pick the right size and comfort level depending on your needs.

#3: Do Not Overwork Yourself

You should break down your walks into a few sessions all throughout the day. You do not have to overwork yourself for an hour to get in shape. When you begin your plan, you need to follow FIT, which is frequency, intensity, and time.

How Intense Should You Walk?

You can reap health benefits because of walking. But, it has a significant focus on weight loss and fitness. The right speed you have to walk does not matter as much as your intensity. If you can communicate well when walking but exerts yourself, then you have enough depth. Take note that if you cannot reach your goal heart rate with just walking, you may put strength by increasing your incline and speed.

In Conclusion

Walking is such an excellent strategy to get started on your fitness journey. Not only that you can do this anytime and anywhere, but it also costs less to nothing. Start your walking program and reap loads of health benefits. So, better begin walking now!