How to Choose the Right Nightstand Gun Safe?

If you are looking for a gun safe, there are thousands of gun safe available. Those are of different types, different shapes, and different prices. However, you should consider one that will meet your needs and serve you for a long time.

But with so many options in hand, you don’t know how to choose the right nightstand gun safe. Don’t worry about choosing a gun safe. This article will show you the way to choose the right one.

How to Choose the Right Nightstand Gun Safe?

If you own a gun, you must have a nightstand gun safe. Though getting a nightstand gun safe is not like buying vegetables. Well, the procedures should properly be followed to get your favorite and perfect gun safe. How to choose the right nightstand gun safe are given below:

Know your budget:

The budget is always the core factor. So, you don’t need to break the volt to purchase the product. And you must think within your limits. Isn’t it?

But it’s undeniable that you can easily go with your desirable option if you can afford a handsome amount. If you have limitations on the budget, then you should try to get the best product available at your price.

2.Select the type of safe:

Once you are done with the basic information, you should consider the type of safe. Different types of safety provide different types of security and service. Some common type of gun safe is given here:-

 Gun safes that use code:

  • One type of gun safe uses code to allow the user to access the safe. These safes can only be accessed with the right code. People cannot forcibly enter it.
  • A code is needed to access this safe. The common mistake people make while using these safes are setting an easy password. For example, statistics say 60% of the population uses 0 to 6 as their mobile phone code. The same goes for this safe as well. They put easy code that can be guessed. People need to find a difficult and random code to ensure their safety.

 Gun safes that use electricity:

  • Another type of gun safe is the one that uses electricity. This gun safe uses electricity to run the safe. You cannot access or open the safe without electricity.
  •         You need to set a passcode that will be used to permit access to the safe. This safe can provide different keys to different persons authorized by the owner. The safe does not need to be closed either. It can close itself and set the locks.

 Gun safes that use fingerprint:

  • You may choose the safe that allows you to use your fingerprint. And you shouldn’t buy additional keys to set in this type of gun safe. And you need to place your finger on the scanner that will grant your access.
  • The problem with code safes is the code can be copied. People can steal your code. If they do, then they will be able to enter the safe as well.
  • To prevent that issue, you have fingerprints. The fingerprint is identical. Not two people have the same identical fingerprint. So, using fingerprints to lock the gun safe is more suitable.

3. Decide based on the detailed information:

You should gather some basic information first. You need to make up your mind about what you are going to get. The factors that you should decide at this stage are:

  Certified Safe:

  • Only the gun having a certification is not good enough. The safe should be certified to provide enough security. If the safe can be overruled or pry open, then the safe is useless. So, if a gun safe gets certification from the authorized media, then it’s a safer option for you. As a result, you’ll have a safe purchase among those options available in the market.


  • The capacity to store objects is an important factor. Initially, you might use the safe to keep your gun. It does not eat up much space of the gun safe. So, getting a small safe will serve you well. However, it doesn’t waste more space to get attached. Moreover, it comes with handy features that won’t make any hassle.
  • In the future, if you wish to get a rifle or other weapons, then you will need more space in the safe. You wouldn’t like to buy another safe at that time. So, you need to think about these parameters as well.


  • The material which is used to make the safe is important. And you’ll find several options in the market to pick the right one.
  • While choosing the material, you should consider the strength of the material. If the material can be cracked open, then the intruder or your children can reach the gun. If it falls on their hand, serious injury may occur.
  • However, you should make your budget first. Once your budget is allocated, you can find the types of safe available on the market. And then the large basket will be reduced to fewer options. However, it’ll reduce your stress.
  • Once chosen, you should look into the details of the product. For example, if you buy an overpriced electric safe and you live in a place where you face load shedding 16 hours a day. Then the safe would be locked almost the whole day. When load shedding occurs, you cannot get the gun if needed. So, always choose the gun self that is suitable for you.

Final Words

We’ve reached the final line of this article. And you should have a nightstand gun safe to store the gun. And hopefully, you’ve got a clear idea of how to choose the right nightstand gun safe. Choosing the best gun safe is difficult.

However, this article will make your way easy to choose the right one for you. And I’m sure that you’ve agreed with me at this point. Am I right? If you follow our guidelines, you’ll end your journey with a happy face.