How to Draw Target During Bowhunt

There are several reasons why one fails to get a good game. It could be because of low level of expertise in manipulating bow and arrow, poor quality equipment, bad calculation and timing, or simply no animals in the area. Among these reasons, the latter seems to be the most difficult since it is something hunters have no control of. You need to have a good understanding of the characteristics of your target to know their moves and when they are likely to hide. Aside from that, it will also save you time if it is them that get to you and not the other way around.

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Always remember that the way you manipulate your bow during a bow hunt is different than how you use it during normal archery activities. Archery just requires the archer to hit a non-moving target. In Bow hunting, however, it is quite a little different. You might find yourself in situations wherein you need to draw and hit a moving target, especially if the animal you want to hunt is quite jumpy and sensitive.

One of the strategies that most hunters used in bow hunting is to draw the target’s attention to get within the shooting range. This simply means that you force the target out into the open. If the target is already in the open, then it will be easier for you to have a perfect shot. There are different ways that you can attract animals’ attention, though it strongly depends on which animal you sought to be your target.

The hunter is using the distress animal call to attract coyotes out in the open.

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1. The Call

This is perhaps the most common strategy that most hunters used in hunting, regardless of the target animal. The call is used to attract animals’ attention by using sounds that either imitates a wounded cry or simply an animal sound to make the target curious. There are different devices you can use to draw the attention of your target.

  • Mating calls– it is said to be the most effective hunting call there is. The sound of the female wanting to mate will definitely attract every male mammal within the area. You can listen to how these females sound like when calling to mate, then you can copy it when hunting.
  • Animals in distress calls– aside from female mammal looking to mate, the sound of animals in distress is also an effective call to use. The sound will make the target think that one of their kind is hurt and needs their help. This will make them want to check things out and be out in the open.
  • Bird game calls– every animals has unique sound or call that they are attracted to. You cannot just randomly choose a call when hunting. You have to know your target and copy that particular sound they get attracted to. One of the animals that need specific type of call is the wild birds.

2. The food source

If you are tired of using calls in drawing the attention of your target, creating an imaginary food source might do the job just the same. For example, you have to scout for an area where deer usually frequent. You can scatter some food all around the area to attract the deer, and make them visit the place more frequently. Continue putting food in the area, until you think the deer are less apprehensive about the place.  Once they are already comfortable in the area, this will make it easier for you to make your shot perfectly.

The deer is lured into the trap by using food as a bait.

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3. The scent

Aside from using food as a decoy to attract animals, using certain scents will also help. If you are hunting for bears, you can use fish remains to create the smell of the fish in a specific area to attract bears’ strong sense of smelling. Bears feed in fish and they may likely follow the scent thinking it will lead them to the food. On the other hand, if you are hunting for wild animals like lions and leopards in the safari, you can put a dead body of smaller animals up on the tree and let the wind carry its scent around. In no time, other bigger animals will crowd the area.

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