How to Increase Your Crossbow Shooting Speed

A crossbow is a weapon that is used by many hunters around the world. If you are a novice hunter, crossbow hunting may be unfamiliar to you. Maybe after seeing one, you have doubts and questions left unanswered such as: “Does it really have sufficient strength to kill a prey?” “How to load it?” “Does it work like the usual bow?”

The crossbow is a very useful tool in hunting, it is powerful and strong enough to kill a deer. Don’t underestimate its power and appearance, a crossbow is accurate and fast when it comes to hitting the target. If you are a newbie, now is the time to try hunting using a crossbow and surely you will be impressed with its capability.

On the other hand, if you are a hunter for years, you have a clear picture of a crossbow on your head and how to use it. Assuming that you are already a professional when it comes to using a crossbow, but definitely, you want to increase your potential using it, right?

In this article, you learn some tips on how to increase your crossbow shooting speed. Before proceeding with the discussion, you need to have a nice crossbow and if you don’t- you should buy and an excellent one. You can also buy a cheap one, but the strength does not guarantee and it is always wiser to invest in great quality gears.

Tip #1: Draw Weight with At Least 150 pounds

A crossbow with this weight or higher than 150 pounds has a better capability in hunting. You should use enough draw weight to improve your shooting speed.

Tip #2: Don’t settle for a cheap bargain

If you want to aim your target with a crossbow, invest and spend your money wisely on a great crossbow. You should also spend your money on buying good arrows and don’t just look for cheap ones. These arrows will allow you to shoot faster and the range of your shooting is wider.

Tip #3: Always Use a Scope Sight

You should buy a crossbow with scope sight and properly install it, you can also buy it as an individual purchase. This device helps you to aim your target well and will greatly increase the speed of your crossbow due to accuracy you will possibly have.

Tip #4: Initial Shooting Velocity of Arrow Should Be At Least 300 feet per second

An arrow at this speed is more accurate than lower speed arrows. It can put a huge prey down. The more the speed it can go through, the bigger the chance of accuracy.

Tip #5: Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t take for granted your practice. You can do it in your backyard or on an empty open field. Practice will enable you to perfect your shot and allow you to increase your shooting speed.

Tip #6: Ease Your Burden

A crossbow can be a burden so loosen up and use some padding for resting. If you want an accurate shot, you should use a DIY padding rest such as rolled T-shirt, sandwich and you’re your hand. This will help you to be stable and have a higher focus in aiming thus, increasing your shooting speed too!

Tip #7: Shoot on Kneeling Position

This position allows you to shoot more comfortably and will more likely to result in increasing its speed. Do not shoot off hand as you will just get distracted because of too much weight of your crossbow while aiming for your target. Aside from kneeling, you can also shoot while sitting.

Tip #8: Arrow Trajectory

Learn arrow trajectory technique and this works like science. You need to consider the kinetic energy and the momentum of the arrow along with its speed. These things affect the speed of a crossbow.

Tip #9: Consider a Rangefinder

Because of the modern technology today, hunters also benefit in a lot of ways. Rangefinder is one of the most advance gears a hunter should have. It tells you the accurate distance of your target away from you. It will surely help to increase your shooting speed by telling the exact location of your prey.