How to Join Spring Turkey Hunting

Spring hunting is a very fun hobby for everyone who loves adventure. The most popular type of adventure during this season is eyeing delicious turkeys. Everything you need to know about spring turkey hunting can be found in this blog.

Basic Know-hows


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The first thing you would want to know are the characteristics of the animal. A turkey or gobbler, for example, doesn’t really fly but spreads its wings down and struts. He can easily be distracted by other gobblers or boss toms. These two types of gobblers can often get into a vicious fight which adds an element of excitement to your game.

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The next thing you should take note is the best types of clothes to use when hunting. Camo clothes would help you fit in the woods and not be easily spotted by your prey. You can complete your outfit with a hat, a pair of gloves, and a facemask. You would not want to forget clothes that are good enough to stand the rain.

The third is decoys. Although some hunters prefer not to have decoys, they can be useful for open areas. You can always count on feeding or breeding hens to serve as decoys.

Breeding Patterns

The main reason why hunters talk about turkeys during spring is because it is their breeding season. Male gobblers often gobble to get attention from hens. Hens would cluck and yelp if they are impressed. The hens would then approach the gobbler when they are ready to breed. This makes an ideal target for hunters.


You, as a hunter, would have to know that this season would make your turkey hunting a game of anticipation because of its certain pointers. When it gets really hot, the birds would find shades near water and make you have a long stake out. On windy days, branches that get tossed can make hearing difficult for both you and the birds. During these days, the turkeys would look for pastured shelters or open hollows to settle down.

On those late winter days, you can tempt turkeys with high-calorie winter food choices. You can also find them enjoying scratching cow pies with grains and goodies.

Hunting Early Season

In the early days of the season, hunting down hens is least likely. You would most likely get male gobblers in at fly-down time. You can have fun though when you can fire the boss hen. This can get a turkey to be curious about your calling efforts and have the group of hens come along.

Updates on Gear

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All hunters would want to invest on the latest and most reliable gear equipment so that they can get the full spring turkey hunting experience.

For your guns, you would want a Mossenberg 500 Turkey model. You can get these guns at a fair price and have quality durability. Guns should not be shiny so that you would feel like a top predator. You could hide shiny parts with camo tape. Standard full chokes are available in the market and best used for beginner hunters. You would have a wider pattern and better using these chokes at a far distance.

You would not want to forget calls to put in your vest because they help earn more kills. To be successful with calls, you would have to have a lot of confidence to make them. Pot, diaphragm, and box calls would make you become a well-rounded hunter. You would find this advice on gear choices of high quality because most professional hunters can say the same.

Spring hunting can help you enjoy nature and be challenged with a different adventure. You’ll enjoy it because there would always be a gobbler ready to be part of your string of accomplishments. If you wish to try it this coming season, you can start training and get yourself ready. Don’t forget to get a license as some countries don’t allow amateurs to hunt.

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