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Know How To Knock Someone Out Without Hurting Them

When you are under attack, there are many ways to handle your assailant quickly and efficiently. Knocking them out cold would be one of those ideas. However, you might ask: “how to knock out without hurting them or more realistically knock them out without permanent damage?”

In films it seems all too easy: a judo chop or a sharp punch to the jaw would usually suffice. Apparently, it will be entirely different in real life. Some would swear by a quick whack to the head, a knee to the groin, or a sucker punch to the plexus.

Whether you are protecting yourself from an attack, or are just curious as to how a person can become unconscious, we’ll look at several methods.

School of Knocks

Apparently, there aren’t many ways for you to handle an altercation without hurting anyone. However, there are still options. If you find these methods impractical, then you may have to resort to some violence albeit taking care that you do not cause permanent damage.
Here are your options:


Chloroform is a sweet-smelling liquid. Throughout history, Obstetricians and Dentists have widely used this formula for its anesthetic properties.

A small amount of this liquid can make you feel sluggish. However, when you increase the dosage, you can quickly become unconscious. In even higher doses, chloroform causes complete muscle relaxation, paralysis, and then death.

How long does it take for this liquid to knock a person out? Unfortunately, unlike in most movies, it takes at least 5 minutes to knock someone unconscious. Hence, this method may not be the best option when a violent situation erupts and every second count. However, if you do hold the upper hand in strength, using chloroform is a great option.

Sleeper hold

Imagine a tiger in a forest ready to pounce on its prey. It runs and attacks the victim from behind. By biting the throat, the tiger slowly suffocates the prey until it dies. The Sleeper hold (or the Rear naked choke) works almost the same way (sans biting) except that when done correctly, it does not cause death but makes the person unconscious in just a few seconds.

Deploying the Sleeper hold

Put your arm around the jawline. Place pressure on both sides of the neck by pressing your bicep and forearm together. Place the palm of your other hand against your wrist and press inward. If you do this correctly, a person will be unconscious in just 3 to 10 seconds.
Here’s a helpful Video that’ll help you practice.

Punch the Jaw

Put your left leg forward and bend your knee. Twist at your waist to give your punch more force. Before punching, breathe and tighten your body to release more power. Aim for their jaw or chin since this will most likely knock someone out.

Striking the Neck

Perform this act by hitting the carotid artery located on the side of the neck. Striking a person in this area will cause a quick drop in the brains blood pressure causing the person to lose consciousness.

Take great care and remember to practice this move with a professional since a miscalculated attack can be fatal for your opponent.

Punching the Plexus

Hitting someone in the solar plexus or the part of the stomach below the ribs can be debilitating. Punching this part of the stomach causes the diaphragm to spasm making it hard to breath and sometimes renders the person unconscious.

Hitting the nose

A hard punch on the nose can knock a person unconscious.
When you punch a person on the nose, the brain inside his skull rattles, much like when you are shaking a nut inside its shell. When that scenario happens, the brain temporarily shuts down causing a knockout.

In Conclusion

Now you’re armed with six different methods on how to knock someone out without hurting them or causing severe damage. Try to practice these moves often as you’ll never know when you’ll need to use them.

Obviously, if you want to handle or pacify an attacker without hurting them, using chloroform or the sleeper hold would be best. In fact, if you perform the sleeper hold correctly, your assailant will be unconscious in around 10 seconds
With all this information, always remember that knocking someone out in the ring is one thing. Both of you need to sign waivers and liability disclaimers to fight there. Beating someone out for self-defense is also another.

However, when you strike someone on the street out of rage, you could end up killing that person and face a lengthy jail term. So, when someone wants to pick a fight with you, think before you act. The best way is just to walk away.

Jim Johnson

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