How to Train Your Dog for Hunting

Dogs are known to be great hunting partners. All you need to do is to train your dog towards hunting in order for them to be able to learn how to track, and catch target animals. Take note that there are different breeds of dogs that you can use for hunting, and you should get your preferred type of dog first. Base this on your desired target animal to hunt.

Training your dog to hunt down animals is a method that’s just as the same as training them how to fetch and do tricks. All you need is patience and a lot of effort in order to get them used to do the task so then they will be well bred for the sake of hunting.

Here are the following steps that you need to do in order for them to be well-trained for the task:

Learn your Desired Breed

As said, the type of breed is very important to check before you proceed with training. There are different types of dogs out there that you can use for training, and each of them has their specific abilities that are perfect for various tasks. There are some that are capable of hunting water animals, good for fetching the bird that you shot, and some even have sharper smelling and sight senses than others. Research is the key for you to get your preferred dog breed.

Get a Puppy

full-grown dog is not preferable when it comes to training due to their lifespan, along with the fact that their instincts were not set for the task. A puppy will give you a lot of time to train for their hunting purposes. A puppy is also crucially needed in order to for you to become well-bonded with them as they will get familiar with all of your aspects for the years to come. Breeders are also recommended in order for you to get the puppy that you really need as they are knowledgeable with the methods needed to take care of them as well.

Make them Familiarize the Environment

You have to introduce them to the environment that you will be using for hunting first in order to make them feel accommodated with the surroundings. If it’s a water dog, then be sure to educate them that the water is good and fun for them, and let them play on it. If it’s a vast land or forest, be sure to walk them around the area in order for them to become more familiar with the place.

Teach Patience

Make them learn this fundamental command by teaching them to sit and stay in one place for a specified time. Hold food or their toy over their heads while commanding them to sit as you press gently on their legs. Give them treats as you do this in order for them to feel rewarded and do the task next time. Repeat the task thrice a day for more effectiveness until they get used to the command even without the reward.

Introduce Decoys to Hunt

There are different animal decoys that you can purchase depending on your desired hunting method. Note that scents for the following animals are also needed which is why you have to purchase those, or at least get them used to the animal scent if you hunted one without a dog already. Set the decoy far from them before throwing them away, and then educate them to catch it. Do this repeatedly at least thrice a week, and give them treats for them to feel more motivated once they do the task.

Expose them to the Task

Lastly, what you need to do is to expose them to the actual duty once they grow up. They might not do it well at first, but once you let them come with you during hunting, rest assured that they will learn more and more along the way. If you’re using traps, educate them to not to go there as it will injure them, and present guns and its usage if you happen to be using one. Make simulations first even without completing the task of hunting in order to train them well on the actual field. The point of doing this is to make them prepared for the task once it’s hunting season.