How to use Crossbow ?

Every hunter finds it confusing to use crossbow as it has complex procedure. This article clearly explains the usage of crossbow in clear steps. There are many types of crossbows and the modern and recent ones are more accurate, fast and powerful than the old ones. Shooting with crossbows also gives a lot of pleasure in hunting. Some basics should be understood before using crossbow and some tips should also be followed by hunter while using crossbow.

How to use Crossbow?

Hunting can be down using crossbow in two types. Attacking with a crossbow will initially load a bolt. There are two types of attacks: strong attacks and light attacks with the corresponding loads associated with them. Shooting with a crossbow for second time will lead to firing the bolt. This bolt is then forwarded straight from the crossbow and the angle of the bolt is according to the shot using crossbow. The angle can be made up and down (altered) with the help of a camera attached to the crossbow.

Crossbow can be aimed in two ways towards the target. The first way is that enemy can be locked and then bolt can be fired from crossway so that the target is hit accurately no matter the movement of the animal. If you hold the crossbow with two hands and then aim for a light attack, the shot will be according to the aiming mode of the hunter. Crossbows also provide scaling option and hence they are suitable only for long distance shots and not suitable for short distance shots.

Buy according to your need

There are many types of crossbows in wide range of costs. It is the hunter who has to choose a crossbow which is suitable for his requirement and the usage procedure of the crossbow depends on the type he purchases. Some features are common to all crossbows and hence their uses are common for all the crossbows. But, in some high end crossbows, there are additional features and their usage will be different compared to the low end versions. A high cost crossbow is more accurate and reliable and hence should be used with utmost care.


Use according to the weight of crossbow

Crossbow is used in different gestures and postures depending on the weight of the crossbow. The overall range of crossbow varies from 75 to 125 pounds and the range should be chosen according to the animal which is to be hunted. Generally speaking, the bigger the crossbow, the better is its performance. Hence, bigger crossbows must be used in a different way because of its weight. If you are capable to use a heavy weight crossbow, you can go up to 200 pound weighing crossbow which needs a lot of training before actually hunting the animal.

Quality Arrows

The bolts or arrows used in crossbows must be of superior quality as it helps in precise shots. If cheap arrows are used, there are chances that the shot may be missed. Hence, bolts or arrows designed only for crossbows must be used which are available in different costs. The hunter should make sure that nock is present for the arrows and are cut according to the proper length. Hunters can use arrows made of either aluminium or carbon but it is best to use arrows made of carbon as they have lot of benefits compared to the aluminium made arrows.

How to use a fast enough arrow in crossbows?

Any manufacturer of crossbows and compound bows intend to increase the speed of the envelope. The crossbow can be made faster by increasing the weight of draw. Generally, hunters should choose arrows which can shot at an initial velocity of 300 feet per second. This provides enough kinetic energy to the arrow so that it strikes the animals accurately and also helps in reducing the trajectory range at longer distances. While using these arrows, make use that they are inserted correctly as wrong insertion may lead to misfire creating vulnerable conditions.

Practicing in the field

Before using the crossbows in the live situations, make sure that you practice it well as the saying goes: practice makes man perfect. Hunter should practice for enough time in various sessions as it helps in getting acquainted with the crossbow. It also helps in feeling the trigger before actually shooting it. After moving from the bench, the crossbow should be used to shot actual hunting conditions. Hunter should try shooting with crossbow in both sitting and kneeling positions. It is essential to practice hunting with crossbow from various angles and distances as it helps in obtaining perfection in the usage of crossbow. One should also be well trained in shooting with crossbow on shooting sticks or monopods which helps in shooting the animals quietly, quickly and efficiently.