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How to Use Fishing Rod Properly to Make Use of Your Free Time

How to Use Fishing Rod

As a fishing hobbyist for a long time, I am quite interested in identifying more and more information about this sport in my leisure time. Therefore, if you start sharing the same hobby as me, I am going to introduce you some matters related to fishing, especially the fishing rod. It is such basic knowledge that you need to know when it comes to fishing. As a result, please spend a few minutes and have a careful look at my article about how to use fishing rod in an instant since this will be your wise decision.

How to Use Fishing Rod Appropriately

Today, we are going to have a discuss what it is going to take for you to become a successful fisher, and fishing rod is one of the most significant factors that we have to mention. In particular, there is a variety of rods in the market such as the spinning rods, bait casting rods ,deep-sea rods, fly fishing rods together with ultra-light rods.

However, I am going to share my experience with two types of rods that you need to get familiar with to start catching fish including the spinning rod and the surf rod.

The spinning rod

In this case, I highly suggest that when you are fishing for fish up to six to seven pounds or under, you should use the spinning rod. This type of rod comes in a diversity of lengths, and you can get them all sorts of different sizes, but when you get started with fishing, I recommend that you should use a 6-foot rod.

When first using this rod, you need to trap the line with your finger, and then open the bail. Next, you need to make your momentum backward, and as you go forward, you can release your finger, and the line will go out on the water.

This rod can be used in freshwater as well as saltwater. The only thing that you need to remember is that after you use it in saltwater, you need to rinse it off as soon as you get home. By doing this, you can prevent the salt going down into the mechanics of the rod.

Furthermore, I am sure that numerous people are struggling to identify how to know if you are using the right reel and the right rod. You can look closely on your reel as well as the base of your rod; you will be able to see a lot of little writings on there. These specs are going to show you what your reel supports such as how strong or how weak of the line.

The surf rod

In my opinion, surf rod is well-known for being the upscale version of your spinning rod, but it has longer shape, the stronger line along with the bigger reel. As a consequence, this rod is suitable for anyone who aims for fish over 6 pounds and up to a hundred pounds as well.

For every fishing beginner, you can either buy a seven-foot rod or anything between seven and ten-foot long. Also, the reel needs to support 10 to 17 pounds’ test line. You can use the surf rod in the same way as the spinning rod, but you can aim for bigger fish.

I only want to share that you have to make sure to give it a good pull to release the line and you will realize after time how important your drag is. With my information, I think that you can have an overview of how to use fishing rod properly for sure.

Some Basic Fishing Tackles

The hook

Going to the next aspect, we are going to identify some features of the core fishing tackles, and the first one is the hook. In particular, there are some hooks that you can consider such as the standard hook and the treble hooks. According to my experience, the treble hook is a lot easier to catch the fish than the standard one.

The slider

I am quite a big fan of the slider since this tool will help you to catch fish more efficiently. When the fish pulls on your hook, there will be no tension, which means that the fish does not feel any friction thanks to the support of the slider.

As a consequence, you can feel the bite, but the fish does not feel the weight, which will keep your line right down on the bottom for sure. All of these fantastic tools will make your fishing more efficient and easier.


In summary, I hope that all of the information in my article about how to use fishing rod will give you practical understanding about this topic. Nevertheless, in case you have any confusion, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime.


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