How To Use The EOTech Reticle (And Other Things You Need To Know)

EOTech is a top-tier manufacturer of holographic sights. Their stint in the industry is not that yet long. However, they have proven more than enough. The quality of their rifle and weapon sights are stunning. They improve the accuracy and speed of target acquisition, without sacrificing your pace in the field.

But before you can fully take advantage of this reticle, you need to learn all of its mechanism. Your familiarity with the device ensures your success on your hunt.

One of the things that you should master about the EOTech sights is its reticles. The device comes with different reticle patterns to adjust to your needs and conditions. In fact, some people claim that the EOTech sights have most precise reticles on the market today.

Whether it is true or not, it is still important that you know how to use EOTech reticle. In this way, you will be able to get the best out of your investment. If you are planning to get this sight, you better start learning the ropes now.

How to Use The EOTech Reticle?

The EOTech is quite famous for developing various reticle patterns for their holographic sights. That is quite different from their competitors who solely focus on making single dot sights. Take note that their reticles have a design to enable them to integrate the following:
●Trajectory points
●Assistive range scales
●Anti-torque mechanisms

The presence of these functionalities guarantees the improvement of your performance and the accuracy of your firearms. Furthermore, the holographic technology of EOTech was able to troubleshoot various firing control problems among different platforms of firearms.

One thing that you are going to love about the EOTech reticles is their distinctiveness. Specifically, you can distinguish the reticles without the use of magnification. Moreover, the reticles are compatible with other platforms, too.

There are various types of reticles that the EOTech offers. They have different functionalities but using them should still follow the same operation. Check them below.

Ring With One Dot Reticle Pattern

Inarguably, this particular reticle pattern is the most sought options by shooters in the world today. It is a 68-MOA ring that comes with a 1-MOA dot. The reason for its popularity is due to its insane capability for quick target acquisition. It has three functional aim points that are compatible with various loads such as the .223 Cal or 62GR. Of course, other calibres can also use this reticle. However, the user has to adjust the ranges based on the aim points manually.

Here are the aiming points for this reticle pattern:
●200 yards
●50 yards
●7 yards

Take note that the centre of the ring is the aiming point for both 50 yards and 200 yards. Meanwhile, the lowest point is the one that you should use for shots that are within the 7-yard distance.

Ring With Two Dots Pattern

Another reticle pattern that you can opt from EOTech is the two-dot model. Just like the first one, you can easily distinguish this reticle without the help of magnification. It is still capable of quick target acquisition with extreme stability and precision. It has four aim points that you can use. Here are they:
●500 yards
●200 yards
●50 yards
●7 yards

The same with the one dot reticle, the central aiming point should be used for clocking 50 yards and 500 yards targets. Slightly lower than it is the aiming point for acquiring 500-yard objects. It is ideal for long-range applications. Of course, the 7-yard aiming point still sits at the inner edge of the ring.


.300 Blackout Ring With Two Dots Pattern

This particular reticle pattern also possesses the same distinctiveness. One of its primary features is that it comes with functional aim points for Supersonic and Subsonic rounds.

●150 yards and 50 yards for Subsonic rounds
●300 yards and 100 yards for Supersonic rounds

Ring With Four Dots Pattern

You need to use this reticle with either .223 cal, M855 FMJ, or 62 GR at 2,600 FPS. Moreover, the barrel that you should utilise must be a 14.5″ With this reticle; you can harness four aiming points.
●0-300 yards
●400 yards
●500 yards
●600 yards


These two reticle patterns that I have shared are versatile and functional on the field. They are no fuss-options because they can work without external tools or magnification. Since the aiming points are already dear once you turn on the sight, you can already use it from the get-go. It ‘s not complicated, so you do not fret over it.

There are still other reticle patterns that the EOTech offers. But the two that I have featured are the most basic and cost-efficient. You might want to opt them first before going to higher options. Despite the convenience of each of these holographic sights, you still need to practice with them consistently. It would be great if you can maximise the potential of these accessories.

If you have some other questions or suggestions, just feel free to ask me. Also, you can freely subscribe to this site so that you can gain other useful resources regarding firearms and related accessories.