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How To Hunt Coyotes At Night Efficiently With 5 Secrets

how to hunt coyotes at night

By learning these tips on how to hunt coyotes at night, you will track even 24/7 and 365 days all around. In various areas of North America, people go hunting for coyotes regularly as it is their usual work.

Nevertheless, for some specific reasons, some hunters cannot hunt coyotes in the daytime, they have to leave home in the night when the dark all surrounds. Whether the nighttime causes any difficulties in hunting coyotes?

In fact, the Coyotes have been known as one of the invasive species in wildlife. For this reason, a lot of biologists encourage coyote hunting. Night hunting will be incredibly fun and exciting for keeping their population at bay. In this article, we will discuss tactics and tips on how to hunt coyotes at night.

Preparation for the hunt

There are a few gear items you might need for hunting coyotes at night.


My personal choice of gun based on practical experiences is a 243 caliber rifle. It will be perfect as it is flat and fast shooting, with reasonable weight to carry, particularly for the long-distance shooting. Also, you should choose to the soft-skinned rifle with the small bullet.

Spot Light

It is great to possess both an 11-colt light and a rechargeable spotlight. Besides, you should buy a red filter which changes your light beam red. Since spot lights can control the light spread as they let you use a flood light for scanning the scene, it is essential to carry a spot light for night hunting.

Predator Calls

There are diverse kinds of calls in the marketplace for you to choose. But I would recommend you the automated calls. There are also the mouth calls, but they require a long time to perfect.

Tips on how to hunt coyotes at night efficiently

Calling coyotes at night

Obviously, you need to be ready at any time when hunting coyotes at night. In fact, the Coyotes can be so fast as they are even less than a minute to be right on top of you. Hence, you should be designed to get ready for shooting before starting your call chain.

Similarly, not all the coyotes come in a complete run, some of them may come in calmly. It may take a little while for the coyotes to approach your location if you are in a region that sound travels long distance. Thus, always be patient.

You should give them enough time to come into your place, or else you will realize a coyote is running away.

The suitable times to hunt coyotes at night

Most regions permit hunters to hunt coyotes at night all year around . Nonetheless, many hunters choose to go hunting during the fur-bearing seasons. This does not mean you cannot shoot them during spring or summer. But this time is when their hides will bring back much more valuable benefit.

The warmer weather may be a good choice to call coyotes, particularly if you learn how to hunt coyotes at night. Also, the less competition during this time can make it easier for you to bring in with predator calls. By learning the secrets of how to hunt coyotes at night, you will understand.

During the wintertime, the days are shorter and the nights become longer are the primary reason for hunters to hunt coyotes at night. If you want to give a try on some areas after searching during the fall and winter, a spotlight might be your only option.

For this reason, learning how to hunt coyotes at night will bring more hunting opportunities for people who like to get out more often.

Get ready for any circumstances

This is the second time I noticed you about the active mind. As you hunt the coyotes at night, it is usual that other predators like coyotes are active as well. Hence, you should be ready for whatever you might see. For example; lynx, foxes, bobcats and other predators are real animals to hunt as an extra to coyote hunting at night.

In some states, even hunting cougars and wolves are legal at night. Thus, all you need is the fast action for everything that happens accidentally. Also, remember to check your local regulations due to the requirement of allowance or individual licenses.

You might not want to skip a predator just because you are unsuccessful in getting a code for it, or even worse as you are probably not sure whether or not it is legal.

Choosing the right color beam for your hunting light

The human’s eyes have some limits in the dark. In fact, our eyes cannot observe at all on some typical nights. When we can’t see clearly enough in the dark, the coyote hunting will become a huge drawback. However, with a specialized coyote hunting light, you can turn all the tables simply and even the odds.

Red lights or Green lights?

As in every aspect, the red coyote light will eliminate humidity in the air better than a green one. Besides, if you are in a small field or a thickly covered area, the red light is a great choice as it is excellent for cutting brush and timber.

Instead of some fixed disadvantages of the green beam, the red light will not mirror off the surroundings and onto you. Also, the brighter nights are suitable for red lights than the green one. Nonetheless, the green light beam still has the advantages of shining further than red light.

In fact, the human’s eyes can pick up objects more naturally in the dark with the green beam light than the red one. Anyway, you must be careful of using a green coyote light in some particular way that makes it reflect back on your hunting companion or onto you.

The most appropriate circumstance to use a green coyote light would be a good night with no or little humidity in the air. You may see more details in the following video:

Proper use of light

Using an appropriate light for hunting coyotes is important, but what is the most crucial is how we use it. Commonly, you will make a mistake when turning the light on and off during your calling session. Indeed, the turning light session will cast out the coyotes from your presence right away.

Furthermore, avoid pointing the lights at or near your hunting companion. It is also an active practice for your hunting safety; you might not want the coyotes to recognize you while being lit up. A headlight might be a necessary tool for you to scan the area for searching, along with the mountable coyote light.

You should choose the headlight with a customizable focus and multi-color LED because it comes in handy for switching among red color, green color, and white color. For this reason, you don’t have to bring extra equipment along.


In conclusion, the coyote hunting now will be easier than ever after knowing these helpful tips on how to hunt coyotes at night. I hope you find this article highly useful for your hunting. Now, go out and enjoy the hunt!

Jim Johnson

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