Why hunting is good for the environment ?

Hunting is loved by all. It is a sport that is legal in some countries while in others it is not. But nonetheless everyone loves it. Some do it with state permission while others do not. Hunting is mainly about the thrill, the adrenaline rush that a person gets by taking a living creatures life. Many people say that hunting is bad for nature and it is a heinous crime to kill an innocent but there are also some people who argue and support hunting. They say that it is actually a necessary evil and good for the environment.

Hunting is a sport that is being played for centuries now. In ancient world when civilizations had just begun to take form, people started hunting in order to save themselves from animals. Then they began to kill them for their need to curb hunger. Then when civilizations grew into cities and states, monarchs, rulers or kings went on hunting expeditions where they would kill for fun. Hunting has been a part of our society for ages now. However, in the modern world many countries have banned it to save the extinction of animals and prevent cruelty on them.

Why is it good?

Hunting is required to maintain environmental balance. When we hunt animals we keep their population in check and prevent them from growing out of proportion. Too many animals will make our lives problematic. In fact by hunting, hunters do a service to the society. The world is a small place, no matter how big it is. If the population of animals will increase they will move towards cities like we moved to jungles and made towns upon them. They will enter our society and harm us. By hunting them their population is kept under control.

Secondly, hunting becomes important when it is a matter of survival. The rule of the jungle is either kill or get killed. We humans are now spread all over the globe even in the remotest of areas. Now in order to survive in that habitat certain animals need to be killed. They need to be hunted down or else they’ll hunt us down. For instance, if you have a cabin or a farmhouse in a remote area that also houses leopards or tigers then you have to take certain measures to protect yourself, even if it means killing a couple of them and shooing others off.

Thirdly, food chain remains balanced if hunting is done. Imagine what would happen if a tiger or a lion won’t hunt down a deer. There will be a population explosion and world would be full of deers. This will disrupt the food chain. Thats why hunting is important.

Impose restrictions

Hunting is no doubt important but it should be done under certain limitations. One should not simply take up an air rifle and go out on a hunting spree. Animals too are creation of God and one should treat them so. Governments should allow hunting of only those animals that are available in plenty, like Moose, Geese, etc. They should put a ban on endangered species those are on the verge of extinction. Also, they should devise a proper plan. For instance, an area should be allotted for hunting and it should be done only in that area.

Secondly, hunting should be permitted for only a limited time period. Thirdly, Governments should put a stop to all the animal products for which they are brutally killed. They should put a stop to all the black-marketing and stop animals from being killed. In the name of fishing people catch exotic and endangered fishes and mammals like whales, dolphins, sharks, etc. who are already becoming extinct. People do it just because they want to earn some extra money which they’ll get by selling organs or other part of their bodies.

Government should also ask people to turn vegans and not kill animals for the sake of taste. They too are living beings and the Earth is as much theirs as its ours. Humans require restrictions without which they become a monster. Certain mandatory rules are required to be imposed in order to make this world a better place.

We have cut down jungles, cleared out forest lands and have built beautiful cities upon them. With flora comes fauna. In order to make it habitable for humans both have to be destroyed. With our population increasing uncontrollably, it is high time that we get up and see what we are doing to our beautiful world. Everything is necessary but it must be done within limits. Hunting too is a necessary evil but it should be not done uncontrollably. People should understand the harm they are causing just for the sake of a few minutes’ fun. Wonder what would happen when there are no animals, would you then hunt humans too?