When does hunting season start ?

Hunting seasons varies for different animals and in general, many organisations release a survey regarding the best time to hunt various animals base on various factors. It is the responsibility of state in United States to give information on hunting seasons across the state boundaries. The organisation that provides hunting licenses provide all the information regarding the hunting season, areas allowed for hunting etc. hunters of some animals need licenses from various authorities when there is a risk of extinction of animals.

Open season

Open season is generally the season during which hunting of certain species is allowed according to wildlife conservation law. The laws of each state vary based on the species and hunting seasons. These laws are created based on the information from fishing agency, citizen input, and independent game council. The game code is updated for each state that frames rules and regulations for various seasons. Season dates are given when the population of certain species is found more in order to reduce the risk of extinction of certain species. The peak breeding period of animals is generally avoided to make animals free from disruptions during mating.

Closed Season

Closed season is the time when hunting is not allowed for a particular species because of various reasons. Closed season is generally declared in order to save animals from vulnerability particularly in breeding seasons. In the closed season, the peak time of reproductively is carried and hence any risks of sustainability is prohibited. This season is enforced by the conservation law so that wildlife management is done to conserve the species making hunting punishable during this season.

Hunting season of various animals

The hunting season of snowshoe hare and cottontail rabbit is September 15th to march 31st of next year. But hunting crow is allowed from august 1st to September 30th and from February 1st to march 31st. This reflects that crow hunting is allowed in almost the entire year because of its excess population. Deer hunting season is widely varied based on various factors. Early antlerless firearm is allowed in September month and liberty hunting is allowed in the same month. Independence hunting is allowed in October month whereas archery is allowed from October 1st to November 14th and from December to January of next year. Regular firearm is also allowed in November month and muzzle loading is allowed by dividing into three zones.

Goose hunting is also divided into three zones 1,2 and 3 where first and second zone hunting are allowed in September month and third zone hunting is allowed in 3rd week of September only. Pheasant hunting is also allowed in the months of October, November and December based on the zones. Hunting of Quail is however allowed in only two months because of its vulnerability. Sharp-tailed grouse is allowed in October only as it is highly endangered animal according to the authorities and various studies. The hunting of wild turkey is allowed in fall season and spring season. Spring season hunting is allowed from April 18th to May 31st and fall season hunting is allowed from September to November. The hunting of other animals like weasel, ground squirrel, skunk, porcupine, opossum, feral pigeons, feral swine, house sparrows and starling are allowed throughout the year but only with a valid license from the concerned authorities.

Hunting season of Antlerless deer

The application period of hunting licence of hunting antlerless deer is July 15th to august 15th. Youth licenses are provided separately over the counter to encourage youth hunters. Hunters may apply for either private license or public license. If the licenses are remained even after the drawing, they can be sold in terms of quota in September moth. There are many rules and regulations along with precautions for hunting applications in order to safeguard animals from becoming extinct.

Important Reminders of Hunting Applications

It is the responsibility of applicants to apply correctly to get hunting licenses. A legible recipient should be obtained by the applicant after purchasing the application. All the information in the receipt must be verified- purchasing date, hunt selection and ID. This receipt should be retained as an indicator of proof of application. The species hunting guide should be reviewed before filling the applications as there are no changes allowed after the issue of license for particular season. The worksheet in the guide must be completed and this information is needed for any hunter in order to apply the license. This license guide can be obtained by any DNR customer service or license agent. Any further information regarding the hunting season and the application of hunting can be obtained from the concerned authorities. Hunters should be cautious in obtaining this license as it essential to hunt in a particular season. Otherwise, the hunter can be prosecuted under the wildlife conservation law.