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How To Install EOTech 512 On A Rifle: A Quick Guide

how to install EOTech 512

Via: www.eotechinc.com

The EOTech 512 is a favourite type of holographic sight. Its capacity and speed to acquire target are in an unbelievable accuracy. It is a versatile sight that you can use on any applications. The only downside that it has is that it doesn't have compatibility with night vision.

The design and construction of the EOTech 512 are innovative. They are not fussy to use and pretty convenient to install. But for those who are still oblivious on how to mount this device on your rifle, this article is perfect for you. In here, I am going to teach you how to install EOTech 512 on a rifle.

Of course, it is a proper thing that I have to show you how to zero the said holographic sight. In this way, you can quickly adjust work with the accuracy of your sight and firearm. The proper installation and zeroing of sight will give you guaranteed and successful hits!

Let's get started!

How To Install EOTech 512 On A Rifle: A Quick Guide

How to Install EOTech 512 on a Rifle

Via: www.eotechinc.com

The first thing you need to make sure is that your rifle has a Picatinny rail. This particular holographic sight is compatible with this mounting platform.

The connector of the sight should be attached to the Picatinny rail. Specifically, it should be pressed forward against the rails so that the mounting is stable and rugged. It is pretty wrong just to put down the EOTech 512 sight to the rail and just clamp it. It will just fall, or you will eventually lose your zero.

This particular setup that I have shown will prevent the sight from moving forward whenever there is a recoil. By pressing it forward to the rail then clamping it, the view gains proper placement to the rifle.

Most of the sights of EOTech uses this mechanism. If your gun as Picatinny rail, the instalment of this holographic sights should not be a problem. Of course, make sure that you will do the clamping tightly to ensure that you won't encounter difficulties in zeroing the sight.

Also, make sure that you check the mounting screws from time to time. Wiggle it if necessary just to ensure that the view has been dropped to the notch of the rail correctly. Moreover, it would be great if you check the rail of your rifle and look for anything that might not be in place. Any disruptions could easily defeat the performance of the sight.

The mounting screws might get loose from time to time. That is an accepted fact in the community. However, you can solve this by applying blue Loctite on the screws. After this, the mounting bolts should be snugly again.

How to Zero an EOTech 512

Via: www.eotechinc.com

The installation process of an EOTech 512 is relatively easy. The tricky part is zeroing the device. As we all know, most of the EOTech sights will allow you to acquire your targets and shoot them without closing one of your eyes. This kind of benefit is due to the superimposition of the reticle to its target.

But before you can achieve such, you have to zero the sight first. In this way, you can match the point of impact of the bullet from the barrel. If you can zero the sight, you can already get accurate target acquisition for a distance of 300 yards or greater.

The first thing that you need to do is to lay your rifle on a shooting table. I recommend a stable platform for the stability of your gun.

Next, have a paper target placed at 25 yards (the distance between you and the target). Once you can zero it at 25 metres, you can quickly acquire targets at 300 yards, too.

Make sure that you set the sight to its "mechanical zero." Don't forget that the elevation and windage adjustments have a total of 160 clicks.

Shoot three round and try to hit the centre of your paper target. The shots should be done in slow motion so that you can fully optimise your accuracy. It doesn't matter if you can't hit the target. Your only objective here is to aggregate all the three shots as carefully as possible. You cannot get a proper calculation if the rounds are too far from each other (three inches or lesser).

After this, you need to determine the number of clicks you need for the adjustment screws so that you can align the impact to the centre. When zeroing at 25 yards, each of your clicks will give you 1/8 inch movement to the centre. Therefore, if you want to move the trajectory for one inch, you need to rotate the screws for eight clicks.


Installing the EOtech 512 is quite easy. You just have to ensure that you press the device tightly forward to the Picatinny rail. In this way, the sight will be stable in its position even in heavy recoils. For example, AR15 platforms are notorious for shaking these views, especially if not mounted properly.

If you have any comments, questions, or issues, just drop them in the box below! Also, feel free to share this tutorial on your social media accounts.

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