How to Install EOTech 512 on a Rifle

EOTech 512 is a popular holographic weapon sight model for an U.S-based company. It is suitable for consumers who want a sight with speed and flexibility, with on night vision compatibility. EOTech 512 comes in camo and black patterns. Your rifle needs to have Weaver/Picatinny rail because it is the mist ideal for 512 Model. To ensure you get a stable mounting, you need to press the sight against the rails. Certify everything is secure by checking the mounting rail and screws, whether they are in order. EOTech 512 is lightweight with 10.9 ounces; hence it does not add additional weight like other models on the market. It has a front window with a thick glass made to ensure it is long-lasting, while the back window has a safe overlay make. The model also features unlimited eye relief, holography optics, 30-yard FOV, and parallax-free functionality.

Steps to follow o how to mount EOTech 512

For you to install EOTech 512 expertly, follow the steps below:

  • Spin the Knurled Weaver bolt in a counter-clockwise direction. This will help you to pull out the bolt from the weaver lock. Ensure you do not pull out the 100% from the lock. Just turn it such that the base lies on the rail.
  • Then, spin the knurled weaver bolt in your right-hand direction to draw the weaver lock into the rail fell some struggle.
  • Use a US nickel or coin to twirl the bolt head again. By doing so, you will tighten the bolt completely. Then, ensure the mounting screws lay on the rail’s notch appropriately. It is advisable to add a little blue Loctite to the model to ensure you stabilization occurs on the mounting bolts since the screws may become loose now and then.

Ensure is set up in the right way because if not, it will negatively affect the performance of the sight.

How to zero-in the EOTech 512

Zeroing-in the EOTech 512 is a bit complex than installing process. While using holographic sights, you need not close your eyes when shooting your targets. This is because of the super-imposed retile on the target. To zero-in the sight will help you line up with the bullet point of collision, allowing you to shoot your targets accurately up to 300 yards.

The following steps should guide you on how to zero the EOTech 512:

  • Put the rifle on a flat platform. This is mainly for stabilizing the gun.
  • Put a paper target at 25 yards away. This will allow you to zero at this distance, which will enable you to hit targets that are up to 300 yards away.
  • Place the sight to mechanical zero, while ensuring the elevation adjustments have a sum of 160 clicks.
  • Shoot three times and focus in the middle of the target. This should be done in a slow-motion manner to ensure you achieve optimal accuracy. In case you do not hit the target, you need not worry as the main objective is to ensure you make the three shots as careful as possible.
  • Compute the number of clicks needed for adjustment screws. This will help you to match up the impact on the centre. For instance, zeroing-in at a distance of 25 yards every click is expected to give you movement of 1/8-inch to the centre.

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The EOTech 512 provides you with excellent speed and versatility. It is one of the models in the under $500 price range. EOTech 512 has superior features and provides you with a bang for the buck. Installing the EOTech 512 model is quick and easy, although you need to be a little bit careful to get better performance.