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Kamik Men's Hunter Boot
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Kamik Men's Hunter Boot is indeed an icebreaker as its liner provides the pleasant warmth even in the coldest place on the earth. In fact, its insulation capabilities have been tested in Minnesota. The removable insulating liner is so crafted as to provide a conglomeration of comfort, cushioning and contentment. Nonetheless, the tread of the versatile boot provides comfortable traction in the roughest and toughest walking environment like mud, snow, and sleet. After being leashed at the top of the shaft, there remain zero gaps between your leg and the boot. As a result, the warmth is sealed in and the debris, mud or water is kept away totally.

Kamik Men's Hunter Boot

Kamik Men’s Hunter Boot

Are you instinctively adventurous and like to spend your leisure time in hunting, kayaking, hiking or another kind of adventurous sports? You may then most often be required to walk on rough terrain and wet tracks. In such eventualities, you need to provide the utmost safety and protection to your feet. And what can be a better option for you than the men’s hunter boots from the renowned brand of Kamik. You may be looking for a pair of boots that is strong, sturdy and safe for your adventurous activities.

Kamik Men’s Hunter Boot will best cater to your needs of ascending or descending steep slopes on rocky and rough terrain with excellent grip and ankle support. Since it matters your personal comfort as well as safety, you must be aware of everything ‘good’ or ‘bad’ about the same. And the first and the best step for you are to go through this review. Only then, the buying decision you take will be most judicious and rationale for you.


Kamik Men's Hunter Boot

Kamik Men’s Hunter Boot

1. Product Specification

The Kamik men’s boot measures 12in. x 8in. x 4in. The shipping weight is 4 pounds and originates from Canada. The shaft of the boots is 1.25 inches approximately while the heels are 12.5 inches approximately.

2. Water Resistance

The men’s hunter boots have a shaft that measures 14.25 inches from the bottom of the sole. The ending portion is waterproofed with nylon collar, and lace runs throughout its circumference. Because of the absence of gap, the shaft is clinched down to the calf, thus preventing rain, mud, snow or debris from entering into the boots. This feature enables you to hunt in the woods and hiking during the winter or autumn

3. Comfort

The removable liner of the men’s hunter boots embraces the foot like a plush cocoon and takes up some dead space between the feet and the foot bed. The thick outsole offers a good amount of support that leads to the needed comfort. Another contributing factor is that the synthetic rubber is soft and malleable so that during any mid-stride, the top of the foot is freed from any pressure from the shaft, in the shape of any folding and pressing. The boots offer absolute comfort experience camping, climbing trips, and long hikes through woods and across the creek beds and climbing the cliffs.

4. Traction

The thick sole of the men’s hunter boots tread diminishes the traction. There are rounded rubber nubs in the center of the tread that offers great traction on loose terrain. The exterior of the tread has larger flat and rectangular lugs that provide sufficient contact with smooth hard surfaces.

5. Warmth

A thick removable Zylex liner of 8mm thickness provides enough of warmth even while walking in the cold streams or through snowy fields. Kamik that this warmth is maintained even up to -40 degree C has claimed it. Moreover, any moisture arising due to sweating is wicked away quickly, so as to keep the feet dry. It also provides protection against precipitation.

6. Style

The sleek and smooth synthetic rubber gives men’s Hunter boots, a glossy and stylish finish. The sole is brown-colored, and the upper is dark green that adds immensely to the style and gets up on the boots. The top nylon and the lace also play their roles in adding to the style of the boots.

7. Ease of Use

The men’s hunter boots weigh 4 pounds and 7 ounces, with a narrow and slim structure that prevents the boots from hitting one another, while walking. Even without pull-tabs or handles, the boots could be easily got on.

8. Perfect Fit

The plush liner of the men’s hunter boots renders perfect fit to the feet, without the feeling of seams of the liner, under the feet. The spacious heel allows minimal sliding up and down while walking. The shaft fits perfectly to the calves, making it more secure.

9. Best Application

The men’s hunter boots are best suitable for use in cold climates, particularly from the mid-autumn through mid-spring. The pair of boots could also be used suitably on the soft and loose terrain.

10. Price

With a price tag of just $$, the product is considered the cheapest compared to the various features rendered by them such as the exceptional water resistance, style, and a great comfort.

Kamik Men's Hunter Snow Boot, Camo, 11 M US
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Kamik Men's Hunter Snow Boot, Camo, 11 M US
  • Waterproof knee-high boot with -40-degree Fahrenheit temperature rating featuring removable 8mm thermal-guard liner and adjustable snow collar
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Pros & Cons


  • Flexible Warmth: While the product offers warmth in the coldest environment; by removing the inside liner, it does not warm your feet in the hotter environment also.
  • Excellent Tread & Grip: You can climb and come down the steep sloppy and rocky terrain and muddy and swampy soil. Moreover, it offers excellent grip and ankle support.
  • Multiple usability: The product offer multiple usability such as for hunting, hiking, kayaking, climbing and walking through the mud.
  • Comfort throughout the period of wearing: Traction is provided by the tread, making it easy to walk on muddy and snowy tracks. Complete sealing of mud, debris and water to enter into the boots.


  • Some customers complain that the product is slightly tight with the insert but feel perfectly fit without it.
  • One customer feels it damp when worn, but is not very sure if it was for sweat or otherwise.
  • In warm temperature, feet may get overheated and sweat profusely. This could be overcome by removing the inside line.


After going through the review for the Kamik Men’s Hunter Boot, as shown above, you must have observed that, besides being comfortable, the product provides great cushioning effect and a versatility of uses; worth the money you pay for it. You now have a complete picture of the product, the pros, sufficiently overshadowing the cons that are minor and could well be remedied. It is hoped that if you are on a lookout for a versatile pair of hunting boots to fulfill hunting and adventuring instinct you have, you will take a buying decision for men’s hunter boots.

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