How to make hunting boots quiet you should know ?

Hunting should be done silently as any kind of noise may alert animals and there is chance of missing the target. Hence, hunters often try to choose hunting boots which do not make much noise and should also be aware with some hunting tips to make their boots quiet. It is of course a skill to walk quality in a forest where there are dry leaves that makes sound when they are stepped on. Moving stealthily always make your shots a hit and can also make you safer while moving in the forests. Before starting your hunt in the forest, maintain silence for 15 minutes and no movements should be made. Hunters can also take help of nature to hide their sound with the nature sounds.

Hunting with care

It is true that animals generally have mediocre vision and camouflage is not actually necessary for hunters. It is the noise and your movements that draw their attention towards you. However, some animals have a good sense of smell through which they can sense any human near them in certain range. The two things worry a hunter while walking in the forest: the things they step on and the noise of their clothing, baggage etc. before actually moving in forest, try wearing the same hunting boots and walk in your place in order to observe the noise that it produce. If it actually produces any noise rubbing together, then the hunting boots are a bad choice. The hunting boots must be softer and lighter which makes them quieter.

Some hunting boots make less noise but there may be chances of hurting more. Hunters should choose such hunting boots which do not hurt you even if you step on thorns and sticks. Hunting boots which can breathe well and provide less noise should be chosen while hunting as they provide you more comfort.

Moving with Hunting Boots is the trickiest one!

While hunting a bear, a hunter should use the sound of breezes and other natural movements in order to disguise their movements. They can also take the help of some environmental factors to hide the noise produced by their hunting boots. If the world around you is silent, you should be very cautious in stepping as a small noise can make the animal to get their attention drawn over you. One should always observe the path and make sure that the paths they are following don’t have any dried leaves, snapping twigs and others. Before shifting your entire weight, just step your feet on those things and detect in order to keep your hunting boots quiet.

If your hunting boots make some noise, freeze there it until the attention of the animal is shifted from you. You should match your movement with the shadows of the trees and the vegetation as no one can see you coming even though your hunting boots make some noise.


There is no need to go out for practising with hunting boots and small tips can really be a big help for you in keeping your hunting boots quiet when needed. A hunter should react sharply based on various factors like sunlight, wind direction, breakage of twig from the tree and many others. All these can be obtained only on practice. Hunting boots should be chosen in such a way that they can breathe well and make sure that no water has entered your boots as wet boots make noise that drags the animals’ attention over you.

Hunters should hence know the procedure of drying boots if for some reason, their hunting boots get wet because of some waterlogged condition in their path. A hunter should almost be like a deer while hunting- walking three steps and then pausing for some time so that they cannot be identified by the animals around them. There are many hunting boots that provides various features needed for hunting. A high end hunting boot consists of all the necessary features but everyone cannot afford a high cost boots. Such hunters should have knowledge of some tips so that they can manage well in the midst of forests even though they don’t have perfect hunting boots.

The boots have a kind of structure beneath them that provides enough friction so that they cannot be slipped from sloppy and smooth surfaces. But that structure provides noise when you step on some hard rock. So, hunters should be careful while wearing such hunting boots. They should cover the bottom surface of such shoes with a material such that it doesn’t produce any noise and be quiet all through the hunting period. The shoes must be covered as shown in the figure above and it really helps a lot for the hunter to be safe in the forest.