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How Many People in the US hunt: the Surprising Answer

How Many People in the US hunt

How many people in the US hunt? This question might sound trivial. However, the answer to this query will give you an idea of the number of individuals who share the same hobby as you do. Moreover, it is a good topic when you are taking a break during a hunting game.

How Many People in the US hunt?

According to the National Survey of Fishing Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation, there are around 90.1 million Americans that enjoys hunting, fishing, and wildlife recreation. This figure amounts to the 38% of the total population of the United States. Specifically, the number accounts for 16-year old individuals and older

In fact, outdoor and hunting recreation is one of the backbones of the economy of the United States. The overall expenditures of hunters and anglers reach up to $145 billion annually. This amount is around 1% of the gross domestic product of the country. Do you think that is small? Think again. That percentage means that one out of every one hundred dollars goes spent in the United States goes to hunting and wildlife recreation.

Meanwhile, there are 37.4 million of American that participates in hunting and fishing competitions. These professional hunters usually spend around $43.2 billion on their respective pieces of equipment. Moreover, their annual excursions and trips cost around $32 billion. For licenses, memberships, and other hunting fees, the overall annual expenditure is around $14.6 billion.

These figures mean that an average professional American hunter spends around $2,407 on their hobby.


In the United States today, there are around 13.7 million residents who are solely into hunting. It is 6% of the total population of the country. Specifically, these 13.7 million constitutes individuals that 16 years old and older.

Usually, the hunters in the United States spend at least 21 days on wild games. These big games should include hunting deer, elk, and wild turkey. In fact, there are around 11 million hunters that are into professional hunting sports. Also, 4.5 million are into small games, which includes rabbits, quails, and squirrels.

Meanwhile, there are 2.6 million American residents who hunt for migratory birds such as ducks, doves, and geese. On the other hand, hunting animals like raccoons, coyotes, and groundhogs attract 2.2 million hunters.

Overall, American hunters $34 billion on their hunting trips, licenses, equipment and other gears. Therefore, a typical hunter would spend around $2,484 annually for his/ her hunting needs. Hunting expeditions have a total expenditure of $10.4 billion yearly. However, the biggest contributor for a hunter's spending habit is the equipment. Specifically, hunters spend $14 billion every year for vehicles, guns, and other hunting gears.

The number of hunters is steadily increasing every year. From 2006 to 2011, there is a 9% increase in hunting participation in the United States. The population of big hunters has an increasing increment of 2% every year. The same goes for bird hunters. However, the number of small game hunters declined by 6% last 2015. Fortunately, such decrease is not significant.


Fishing is a recreation that hooked many Americans. Specifically, such outdoor recreation attracted 33 million Americans as of this day. These anglers usually spend 17 days on the water. Apparently, freshwater fishing is more popular than its saltwater counterpart. Excluding the Great Lakes, freshwater fishing attracts 27 million anglers as of 2016. On the other hand, there are 8.9 million anglers that are into saltwater fishing.

American fishers spend around $41 billion on their fishing expeditions, equipment, and licenses. Therefore, an average American angler can spend $1,261 for this activity annually. The biggest expenditure for anglers is the trips and excursions.

Specifically, they spend around $21.8 billion yearly for transportation and other travel costs. Meanwhile, fishing gears and equipment accounts for the 37% of the total fishing expenditure. This translates to around $15.5 billion.

Just like hunting, the number of anglers in the United States also increased over the past decade. From 2011 to 2016, there is an 11% increase in the total population of American fishers.

What Do These Numbers Tell Us

Are we mentioned, the overall population of America who is into wildlife activities is 90.1 million. This figure alone indicates that such kind of recreation is important for American residents. In fact, four out of ten people you meet in America participate in any wildlife sports and activities.

Also, we can clearly see that these activities are not just for fun and leisure. In fact, hunting and fishing are still important factors for the overall economic drive of the country. With a $145-billion yearly expenditure, we can guarantee that America would struggle without their wildlife economy!


These are the answers to the question "how many people in the US hunt." You should take note of each of these numbers. In this way, you can respond to a sudden trivia by your friends during a hunting break!

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