How To Measure Belt Size?

How to measure belt size

How do I know what size belt to order? A good belt can make perfect for your outfit, and a strong, durable gun belt can play a major role when carrying a firearm that you have to find out the right belt size for yourself.

But at first, you should know how to measure belt size because It is the basis for measurements your gun belt size easier.

I’m going to show you four different methods to determine the perfect fit for your gun belt.

Use a fabric measuring tape

Use a measuring tape and take it around your waist wherever you wear your belt. Most people always wear the belt a little lower on hips, so you have to measure around and mark how many inches because all their belts are measured in inches.

When measure, breathe in deeply and out fully. Then expand the measuring tape slightly. Because if the belt gets too tight, It can make you strangled when breathing.

Take it right to the zero mark, and that’s the right number for your belt.

The fastest method

Number two is the fastest option if you want to get a rough number in a hurry. You should know what your pants size is in term of your waist. Go one size up for your dress belt or your casual belt. If you are 32-inch waist, a 34-inch casual belt might be an ideal number. But I don’t recommend this method because the accuracy is the lowest.

The most accurate method

The most accurate method which is a measure with your current belt. Measure yours from the beginning of the leather inside the buckle to the hole that most often uses. The number in the fabric measuring tape is your size.

The handy method

It’s the most convenient method I have ever known. If you don’t have any belt or any measuring tape in a wardrobe that method will be the most helpful to you.

You can use a string and a regular tape measure instead. Thread the string through your belt loop like you would an actual belt. You’ve pulled as tight as you would usually wear a belt. Note the length in a point hold that with your finger then measure it with your tape measure. This is the best number.

How to determine the size for a gun belt?

Needless to say, a gun belt is extremely important to support your handgun. In fact, a gun belt is a “must-have” item for your pistol rig.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of measuring your new belt correctly. Sizing your belt is your responsibility because each belt is crafted from your information you give maker.After having your correct metric, so the next big question becomes.

How do I determine the size for my gun belt?

I hate to say that, but it really depends on the particular holster and gun and exactly how do you like to carry it.

- Depending on the gun and type of holster, I usually take my belt/pants waist size and go up its sizes. Usually, for the gun belt, you have to add 2- 4 inches more in your waist size.

- Gun belt size is roughly some inches more than your pant size so if your pants size 34 you want to add 2-4 and order size 36-38 belt.

- In particular, 3- 4 inches increase is a good rule if you carry with a thin IWB and 1911. And 1 inches is the difference between IWB and OWB, add 2-3 inch for every OWB product you plan to wear with your gun belt. (OWB means carrying outside the waistband, IWB means carrying inside the waistband).

You should understand that there is not a "standard" method of sizing the gun belt adheres for everyone.

Some guideline said that the size is measured from the fold in the leather to the hole that you want, but while others use the end of the buckle to the hole that you prefer. If you can make clear it, call the maker are unsure how they want you to measure, you will have the detailed tutorial immediately.

In the end, I will give you some tips all that comes from my experiences.

- Do not estimate your waist size or completely dependent on your pants size.

- Using a tape measure can bring to ensure accuracy size.

- Before measuring, you have to determine the position to wear gun belts; it is always immediately under the trouser belt line.

- If you can find where the belt holes that you wanted. I can give you an idea. I ordered a 42-inch belt from a leather store, but it's no holes. I bought a hole punch and used it to put 3 holes in the right position I need. I really like the holes exactly where I put them. If you don't have a hole punch, any shoe shop or leather store will help you punch a hole probably for free.

- Most production companies have a no return or limited return policy as the items can and maybe built to order.

- Reading the sizing instructions provided by the manufacturer that you selected carefully before start your sizing. Please take this advice to heart. I know that sounds basic and boring, but you know any adjustments due to inaccurate sizing information may lead to a service charge.


There's nothing worse than ordering a custom gun belt then discovering that it won't fit waiting after the number of weeks (or months) for it to arrive. So if in doubt, please contact the manufacturer first before ordering, so they can make sure you get the correct sizing you want. No waste time, no waste money!

I am sure you can order the proper size belt at the first time is easy if you follow my instructions on how to measure belt size.

Did you learn in this article? Read our other articles for more hunting information. Also, don't forget to drop your comments, questions, and suggestions in the box down below!

Jim Johnson

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