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What is One Advantage of Hunting from an Elevated Stand

what is one advantage of hunting from an elevated stand

What is one advantage of hunting from an elevated stand? Any hunter indeed asked this question to themselves. After all, being curious about the benefits that an elevated stand can give is pretty justifiable.

In this article, we will discuss the function of an elevated stand thoroughly. Moreover, we will also indicate the various kinds of elevated stands that you can utilize. Read on.

What is One Advantage of Hunting from an Elevated Stand

Before going to the benefits, let us give a brief introduction to what an elevated stand is. An elevated stand is a primary hunting choice for marksmen, specifically those that are using bows and arrows. But it doesn't mean that firearm hunters cannot use them. An elevated is practically for everyone.

If you are hunting black bears or white-tailed deer, then you certainly need this tool. Of course, the most common one is the tree stand. Specifically, it is a platform that you dock on an elevated part of the tree. If you are sitting on this platform, hunting these critters would be a breeze. But why?

First, an elevated stand will give you a better field of vision. Because you are above the ground, your sight is not hindered by obstructions such as thick bushes and logs. This is one of the biggest advantages of hunting from an elevated stand.

Because you have an unobstructed vision, it is natural that you can spot your targets easily. As a result, you can plan better on how you can take down your objective.

Other Advantages of Elevated Stand

Aside from this benefit, here are the things that you should look forward when using an elevated stand:

● It will be hard for the animal to spot you (unless it is a giraffe). Since you are above the ground, you can escape the normal field vision of land animals.

● Another great thing about an elevated stand is that it lets your scent hard to detect. Moreover, animals won't be able to notice your movements since you are above them. You should know those wild animals are very sensitive to ground movements. Therefore, elevated stands become a huge plus when hunting these critters.

● If you are on an elevated stand, other hunters would be able to see you quickly. As a result, the latter would be able to veer away their shots from you. Furthermore, using an elevated stand would lessen your chances of being struck by a bullet.

● Elevated stands are also excellent backstops. Regardless if you are using bullets or arrows, elevated stands will provide reliable backstops, especially that you are shooting at a downward angle.

● Of course, since you have a good vantage point, you can enjoy sightseeing as well. It is one of the things that enhances the overall hunting experience.

Types of Elevated Stands

There are various types of elevated stands that a hunter can use. Here are they:

● Hang-On Stands (Portable Tree Stand)
● Climbing Stands (Portable Tree Stand)
● Ladder Stands
● Tower Stands, Tripods, and Quad Pods

Disadvantages of Elevated Stand

Of course, an elevated stand is still not free from any risk. Therefore, you have to think thoroughly before you decide to use one. If you need one, make sure that you follow the manual on how to use it. Otherwise, you might suffer dangers that would lead to a quick trip to a hospital.

Aside from that, here are some of the disadvantages of using an elevated stand:

● There is a high chance that you tip out of balance, which could result in an accidental fall. The higher the platform, the more painful it is if you topple down.

● Elevated stands are difficult to transport, especially if we are talking about those large stands. You should know that most of these stands are not compact. Therefore, you will need someone to help you carry thus luggage.

● The space that an elevated stand offers is quite limited. Moreover, it doesn't offer any amenities that won't protect you from the gush of wind or cold.

● Since there is less room for movement, fatigue can happen quickly. Of course, losing your concentration increases the risk of stumbling down.

● It is hard to estimate the distance of your target when you are on an elevated stand. Furthermore, the precision of shots will gradually decrease because of the difficulty that the downward angle poses.

● Obviously, you have no mobility while on an elevated stand. When your target goes away from your shooting range, you have no choice but to let is escape.


Overall, hunting from an elevated stand is truly useful for taking down big games. However, it doesn't mean that you can be careless when using one. You don't know the conditions of your hunting grounds. Moreover, you don't have full control to the external changes can happen.

Therefore, a hunter must take the time to practice using an elevated stand. You must master how to assemble this tool correctly so that it would be able to support your weight. We should remind you again that you have to read the manuals before you will use the stand.

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