How To Choose The 5 Best Rubber Hunting Boots in 2020

When you are passionate about hunting, you care precisely with your gear! Your hunting skills are essential, but your performance is partly dependent on the gear you use. Hunting on rugged surfaces or muddy areas requires intense outsole traction and secure snug fit for your feet. To make your hunting experience enjoyable, you need to … Read more


Ideal hiking boots can make hiking mountain trails and splashing around through puddles an amazing experience. Hiking shoes of high quality are resistant to water in muddy areas and should be able to survive through dusty and dry trails. The best way to decide if the hiking boot suits your needs is to test them … Read more

Solo Hunter? Everything You Need to Prep

Are you looking forward to your first time as a solo hunter? Don’t go in unprepared. With travel logistics, new gear and licenses, there is plenty to figure out before you take your first outing as a solo hunter. But don’t let the beginning prep deter you. Being a solo hunter has its benefits. Sitting … Read more

How To Use The EOTech Reticle (And Other Things You Need To Know)

EOTech is a top-tier manufacturer of holographic sights. Their stint in the industry is not that yet long. However, they have proven more than enough. The quality of their rifle and weapon sights are stunning. They improve the accuracy and speed of target acquisition, without sacrificing your pace in the field. But before you can fully … Read more