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How to Know Which Shotgun Choke has the Tightest Shot Pattern the Best Way

Which Shotgun Choke has the Tightest Shot Pattern

Which shotgun choke has the tightest shot pattern? If you want to improve the accuracy of your shots, then answering this question is highly necessary. After all, you will be using different configurations depending on the type of ammunition and shotgun you have.

Of course, we know that you are reluctant to waste too much of your bullets on dry-runs. Therefore, learning this valuable information will be beneficial for you.

How to Know Which Shotgun Choke has the Tightest Shot Pattern the Best Way

Which Shotgun Choke has the Tightest Shot Pattern

If you fire a shotshell from your shotgun, all of the pellets will take off from the barrel and spread throughout. Logically, the farther the distance the bullets go, the wider or greater their spread will be.

Each shotgun models have different "choke" mechanisms to control the shot pattern of the spread. Specifically, the choke is similar to the nozzle present in conventional garden hoses. When you tighten the nozzle, the water that comes out will be narrow and long. In an opposite manner, if you loosen the nozzle, the hose will spray the water in a spread.

Such mechanism is the same for shotgun chokes. Among all types of firearms, shotguns are the only ones who have chokes installed on them. Shotguns have their bullets diffuse when it comes out from the barrel. If you let it that way, then you can't possibly have control to this weapon nor its overall accuracy.

A choke serves as the nozzle of the shotgun. However, it will be the distance that ultimately decides the choke that you will need for your gun. At this point, we should bust the myth that chokes can increase the firepower of the shotgun. Even if you tighten the choke, its power will still be the same as the default one.

The most acceptable function that a choke does is controlling the spread of the shot pattern. Specifically, the control is directly related to the distance of your target.

Different Shotgun Chokes

The list below shows the various types of chokes that a shotgun can have. Take a look at them:

● Cylinder - This type of choke is the loosest. When we say that a shotgun has a cylinder choke, it means that the gun has an unconstricted barrel. In short, it has no restriction or whatsoever the ammunition. Therefore, the shot pattern can just easily spread as you fire it off.

● Improved Cylinder - An improved cylinder offers minimal restriction. But the thing is, it has constriction already. As a result, it can control the amount of spread of the shot pattern. You can use this choke when you want to do some upland game, or you are about to hunt some rabbits and quail.

● Modified Choke- A modified choke has decent constriction to the shot pattern. When you fire the ammunition, the shot will stick together for a long time. As a result, the pattern becomes dense. Moreover, it becomes useful if you are aiming targets at a far distance.

Many pros are using this type of choke during dove hunting. Furthermore, it is the best choice when you are using steel shots for hunting geese and ducks.

We haven't included it on the list, but there is another variant of this cylinder. It is called the improved modified choke. It does the same, but the spread is a little tighter than the original.

● Full - The full choke offers the tightest constriction to a shotgun. It can hold the shot pattern the longest. Because of this, this type of choke is the ideal choice when hunting turkey and squirrels. Specifically, you have to use this choke when you are shooting targets that are within the 40 to 45-yard range.


Some hunters are using the Turkey Choke or Extra Full for a denser shot pattern. Of course, you can only use this when you deem that your target is far from your standing point.

The answer to the question "which shotgun choke has the tightest shot pattern" is the full choke. However, it doesn't mean that you don't need the rest of the chokes. We highly recommend that you have all of these chokes. If you want to improve your versatility in the game, your equipment should be complete and compliant.


Any shotgun owners are advised to practice their gun before they take it to the field. In fact, there are a lot of preparations that you should do before you fire your weapon. Of course, there are a lot of considerations that you have to take. Such of these would be the type of game, ammunition, and the gun you are using. You have to take all of these factors into account.

Chokes are a necessary element for accuracy. Moreover, it becomes a safety net for you not to waste precious ammunitions because of firing aimlessly.

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