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How to Sight in a Scope: Best Method and Practices

How to Sight in a Scope

Learning how to sight in a scope is an essential skill for a marksman. You cannot make a successful hit without this skill, even if you got the most advanced arsenals on the field.

In the realm of modern hunting and shooting, scopes are already prevalent. These gun accessories became so sophisticated already that they can make your life easier. However, it doesn't mean that scopes are automated. To make sure that you will be able to bring the full potential of a scope, you must know how to operate it.

In this article, we will show you how to use a scope correctly. Moreover, we will also share some techniques that can enhance the accuracy of your shots. Read on!

How to Sight in a Scope

how to adjust a rifle scope

Sighting can be an arduous process. For amateurs, it is always a time-consuming ordeal. Even for professionals, using the scope can still be tricky, especially if the target is moving. Therefore, learning the basics of the scope is quite essential for you to master it

The first thing you have to do is to mount your scope on your rifle or any arsenal that you will use. Of course, you are going to need mounts that can withstand the recoil that the gun will create. It is quite crucial to preserve the stability of the scope. Without it, your shots won't be consistent.

For example, a .22 scope and a 30-06 rifle is a dangerous combination. There is a huge risk that the scope will fly off away from the rifle because it cannot endure the recoil. The kickback can be so strong that it could harm the people around you.You should make sure that the scope has a tight grip on your gun. If necessary, you must use the lock-tite to tighten the screws.

Initial Preparations

how to zero a rifle scope

After you accomplished all the safety preparations stated above, it is the time that you will gather some important things. Here are they:

● Paddings - This will help you prevent body sores. Moreover, it can also preserve the finishing of your rifle.

● Sandbags or rifle rest - They will give you additional stability. Having them can also lessen the errors in your shots.

● Rounds of ammunition - You may want to start with hundreds of rounds or more!

● Bore sighter - This tool is quite necessary because it smoothens the process of the sighting. If you don't have a bore sight, then you must invest in them. Usually, they cost around $25 to $50, so they are not a pain in the budget.

● Screwdrivers - You need this handy tool to adjust your scope

● Binoculars - To see if you made a hit or not!

Sighting your Scope at 100 yards

best way to sight in a rifle

1. If you are in range, make sure that you place your targets within 100 yards and 25 yards.

2. Place your rifle in the rifle rest or sand bag. You can also use a bipod if you have none. Any platform or tool that can make your rifle steady and immobile can work. Moreover, we have to remind that you should not place your gun on a hard surface.

3. If you are using a bolt-action rifle, take out the bolt. After that, peek down to the bore so that you can align it with your target.

4. If you are using a single-shot rifle, then just open its action mechanism. Take note that pumps and auto-loader rifles cannot be bore-sighted using the above steps.

5. Make adjustments to your gun so that when you look at the breech end, your target at the 100 yards is at your center.

6. Next, adjust the scope of your rifle. In this way, you can align the cross-hairs of the scopes with your target. Do not move your gun while doing this step!

When you can boresight your scope at 100 yards, you can already make fine adjustments for it. But first, try to sight it down to 25 yards. When you do this, make sure that you replace the bolt you used. Moreover, do not forget to give your scope the highest magnification that it can have. In this way, you can have a vivid visual of your target.


adjusting a scope

Take a deep breath and relax. You need to lessen the shaking of your hands to improve your accuracy. Once everything is ready, fire a single round. As much as possible, aim the center of your target.

After the firing, make sure that your rifle is unloaded. This is for your safety and the people around you. You don't have to go far to see if you made a lucky shot or not. With the use of your spotting scope or binoculars, things would be easier.

Take a look at your target. Specifically, pay attention to the shot grouping. Just by looking at these details, you can make better adjustments to improve your shooting accuracy. For example, if you the bullet were on the left corner of the target board, your adjustments to your scope would be up and right.

Just repeat these processes until you will be able to hit the center. At first, it would be time-consuming. But the more you do it, the more you will enjoy such habit. You will realize that there are still a lot to learn about shooting!


The process of sighting your scope is an essential ingredient for a successful hunt or game. Aside from your rifles and ammunition, this technical skill will guarantee you that you won't be wasting your time and energy on the field.

Before you invest on high-end scopes, make sure that you know how to use one first. You don't want to ruin the overall quality of a scope just by mishandling it. Moreover, this will assure you that you can get a scope that has good value.

Did you learn in this article? Read our other articles for more hunting information. Also, don't forget to drop your comments, questions, and suggestions in the box down below!

Jim Johnson

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