Top Places For A Perfect Deer Hunt

By Jason Bland / April 26, 2016

Deer Hunting is one of the biggest challenge that many hunters had been through. antlers are considered one of the best trophies in aside from the bear hides. Antlers are often enthralling and is a perfect trophy to place next to your fireplace.

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Hunting the best antler trophies aren’t an easy hunt. There are specific places where you can find the best antlers and the best tags for deer reproduction.The best quality deer are often found in the various states in the United States. These states were considered the best hunting grounds for deer because of the quality antlers and the total population of bucks that they get every year. Aside from the antlers, the deer were well seasoned to its full potential to give us the quality deer meat that is ship all over the country.

Here are the top places to hunt the finest deer all over the United States.


Georgia is a perfect hunting ground for whitetails because of the good quality bucks that they have produce over the years. Whitetail Deer’s population is increasing well throughout the years. They ranked first in 2011 because of the abundant deer harvest throughout the country. The age structure of the harvested bucks are good and its density for quality bucks is high. Fifty percent of the hunters often find success in hunting in Georgia. Because of the abundance of whitetail bucks, three percent of the state is now open for public hunting.


Colorado is one of the states of the United States has an abundant population of whitetail deer in the area. Often times, you will see an impressive population of whitetail deer from open grassland areas going towards the mountain area. The abundance of deer in the area makes it easier for you to draw them into your trap compared to other states in the country.


Iowa ranked first for whitetail buck harvest from 1830 to 2001. Deer are scattered in the state, which makes it easier for you to find them. However, Iowa is very strict when it comes to hunting whitetails. You need to gather points and permits in order to hunt. You have to apply for license to hunt inside and outside Iowa. Only a small portion of the state is open for public hunting, about 0.7 percent.

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South Carolina

South Carolina is one of the places to hunt because of sky-rocketing population of whitetail deer located in Palmetto State. In a square mile, a hunter can harvest 3.6 bucks. Success rate for hunting is also good in this state, garnering 70% hunters to succeed in hunting whitetail deer. Though chances of finding a monstrous whitetail is undecernable, but you will still be able to bring home a deer trophy after the hunt.


in Texas, population of whitetail bucks are enormous. In the Lone Star State. Hunters have killed bucks more than the avarage number and 60% of those bucks were around 4 years or even older. They also rank second in antlerless harvest. Because of that enormous population, 1.6 million of acres of land in Texas was open for public hunting.

Alberta, Canada

Canada has been recognized as one of deer hunting paradise for hunters and other species. Whitetail deer are prolific in the eastern and southern farmlands. There are also a huge number of whitetails near the river valleys in Alberta.


Indiana and Kentucky are often times tied at the number one spot for the top places for hunting whitetail bucks. Indiana has a great population of trophy pieces. Hunt success often rates at 50% but deer quality is excellent. Hunting a booner in Indiana is about 0.84% Indiana has a good amount of public area available for public hunting, making bit second after Kentucky.


Kentucky is one of the most favored hunting spot by many hunter because of the amicable hunting regulation, a gigantic, healthy and well maintained herd. If you are looking for bucks that are for trophy pieces, this area is abundant of those possible pieces. It has a massive land area for open for public hunting.

To summarize, the factors that affects the quality harvest hunt is the  population. It is very important to have a good number of population in order to have a better chance of catching a trophy antlers for your fireplace Deer Hunting is one of the biggest challenge that many hunters had been through. Deer Antlers are considered one of the best trophies in hunting aside from the bear hides. Antlers are often enthralling and is a perfect trophy to place next to your fireplace.

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