How To Use Tactical Flashlight For Defense?

How to use tactical flashlight for defense

Just imagine you are on the way home at late night when a thief comes out from an intersection and threatens you with a knife. What will you do? I bet you can do nothing because you don’t have anything to fight against him. You will realize the importance of bringing a self-defense tool along, even it’s just a simple tactical flashlight.

Nowadays we have to face with a lot of danger from poisonous food to sudden attack from thief. Therefore, equipping yourself and know how to use tactical flashlight for defense is the best way to go home safely.

What is called a tactical flashlight?

Not like any normal flashlight, tactical flashlight is created for tactical purposes used by military or police. However, many tactical flashlights have the main function to be a significant tool for low-light shooting.

So what’s its difference from normal flashlight?

Firstly, it’s usually smaller than normal flashlights but gives much more light. Moreover, its cover is made of aluminum to ensure the durability. In addition, it’s really handy and easy to bring along. Therefore, tactical flashlight has become a useful self-defense tool for everybody.

How to use tactical flashlight for defense?

Tactical flashlight is an updated version of normal flashlight. Therefore, it’s so much useful in various cases.

Firstly, you can use it as a emergency flashlight. It surely produces much more light than the normal one. Therefore, it’s a useful backup flashlight for all households in case the light goes out. Moreover, it’s handy and not heavy, so you can easily store it in the kitchen or drawers and reach out right away in the dark.

Besides helping you face with sudden darkness, a tactical flashlight can also be used as an effective self-defense tool. So how to use tactical flashlight for self-defense?

● Helping you identify threats

Attackers often use the darkness of that area as a benefit to reach out their objectives. Therefore, a bright flashlight can help you identify them in low-light areas and reduce his or her advantage of walking in the shadows. Just take the flashlight and shine a light on the dark areas and you will recognize a bad guy hiding there, even you can get him to take off.

● Annoying the attackers

A tactical flashlight will be very useful when you have to defend against the attackers. You can use the light to shine to their faces and dazzle their eyes. They probably felt disoriented and even blinded for a while. Taking advantage of this, you can defend yourself against the attackers when they have to face with shining light. Just 1 or 2 seconds are enough for you to either flee or attack against them.

Moreover, the tactical flashlights have sawtoothed edges. Manufacturers informed consumers that these special designs can be used as a tool to defend against attackers in an emergency. In addition, the holder of the flashlight is also used to attack against the bad guy because of its hardness and durability. You even can break a window car or something like that in emergency. Therefore, you can make the flashlight become a powerful tool for self defense.

● Calling for help

After you’ve shined the light in your attacker’s eyes and disoriented him, you can use the light to inform surrounding people about your dangerous time and call for help. The tactical flashlight can go further than you imagine, so it’s bright enough to attract the eyes of surrounding people and even your friends or your companions.

If you can’t defend against the attackers, you should inform the others and get help by this way. You can’t know if the attackers have dangerous weapon or not. If you estimate that they’re stronger than you, you should call for help by using the brightness of tactical flashlight. Surely when in doubt, put your flashlight in your bag or car.

How to choose your appropriate tactical flashlight?

After acknowledging that a tactical flashlight is an important self-defense tool, you should know clearly how to choose one. There are more than 100 different models sold online and offline. Therefore, you should know more about how to get your appropriate tactical flashlight:

● Considering the size:

The size of the tactical flashlight should be small enough to be stored in your pocket or bag every day.

● Choosing LED flashlight:

LED bulb becomes more and more popular because of its brighter light. While incandescent bulb is easy to break when it is dropped, LED bulb is more durable. Moreover, incandescent bulbs consumes more energy than LEDs.

● Noticing the lumen of flashlight:

You should choose tactical flashlight with at least 120 lumens of light output. It’s a ideal bright level for an effective self-defense tool.

● Choosing uncomplicated design:

There are many kinds of flashlights in the market with different designs. Some has complicated design that takes time to switch on or off. It’s very dangerous for you to spend so much time on turn on the flashlight in defending an attack. Therefore, you should choose one with simple design but have enough light to against the attackers.

● Choosing the waterproof feature:

Although you can’t predict the situation you will face with, you should choose a flashlight with waterproof feature. You can get a powerful self-defense tool in even in the rain or other wet conditions.

● Noticing the material:

The tactical flashlight will protect you from many attacks, so it shouldn’t be vulnerable. Let’s choose ones made from hard anodized aluminum which is durable yet light. Moreover, it has to be easy to grip, so just choose the machined flashlight.


This life will bring you a lot of dangerous situations that challenge you with unhappy experiences. Therefore, a tactical flashlight is a necessary self-defense tool for you to face with hard situations. Not only you should bring it along but also you should know how to use tactical flashlight for self defense. Just choose the appropriate one that suits your budget and hand to protect yourself effectively.

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