In What Way Can You Catch Perch Effectively?

how to catch perch

It is known that the perch are one of the popular freshwater fish are enjoyed catching by fishermen. In fact, there has a variety of species all over the world, in particular, the white and yellow varieties are common in the U.S.

Many people like to catch perch because they are a flavorful and sweet food. In general, the perch has the length from 7-9 inches. If any perch likely reaches more 10 inches – jumbos.

How to Catch Perch an Efficient Way

Which Gear Is Right?

There is a force question you must answer before you start your fishing trip. It will be confused if you forget to carry the bait. You have had to cancel your trip because you do not take enough the fishing line. To avoid those cases to occur, you need…

The right equipment

How to catch perch without carrying the necessary things with you? So, it is important that you must remember to take something with you, including, a reel, few fishing lines, and a rod. With the rod, one from 6-8 pound is enough.

Perch are not a large fish, so catching perch does not require the equipment that is too expensive or complicated. If possible, you can also carry a stringer or cooler in order to keep fish after catching.

The suitable bait

It recommends that you should utilize the live bait. The best is the insect or minnow. A large number of anglers also use crayfish meat as the bait. It is still good for catching perch.

You do not likely get the live bait, do you? – No problem. You can still utilize the artificial lures, involving, spinners, plugs, or jigs. Basically, they are good enough to draw in catching perch.

The most common must mention to white, yellow-white, and yellow design. Nonetheless, some perch also like other designs and colors. Necessarily, your lure is no more movement so that you are easy to monitor because the movement of perch is very quick.

The fishing license

Depending on the types of fish and the place you are catching, it is necessary to have a fishing license. It ensures that you know the laws of your catching place. Besides, the license must be updated. Let’s check the catch limits in order to be sure that you can take a lot of fish without having any trouble.

What Time Is Suitable for Catch Perch?

To catch perch, it should go out at the proper time in a day. Similar to other species, the most action of perch is when feeding. If you have planned to catch them, it ought to be out there.

The fishing time in a day is based on their feeding season. Looking at here, we will provide a couple of general instructions related to the right time to catch perch because the time likely changes day by day.

* Throughout early summer and late spring, the best time is hours in the early morning or early evening.

* Late summer, the ideal time is late afternoon unless you can also choose late evening.

* When the weather is in fall, you can decide to catch perch in morning or late afternoon-evening – it is good.

* In winter, the perfect time is late afternoon evening.

Should You Find a spot with shallow or deep water?

The spot with deep water is suitable because there is the living environment of perch. With the water-deep area, they can avoid the sunlight. At the same time, it provides a hiding place for them.

The deep water is also ideal for anglers because they likely move a quick way if the fish do not bite. Aside from that, catching perch at the shore or dock is also perfect. These places have the artificial objects that are a good shelter.

With the area near the shore, you ought to find the position with the drop-off steep in the deep water. It recommends that you should learn these spots before catching.

By What Mean Can You Cast Your Bait?

In fact, there are any methods you likely utilize for attracting perch. Similar to other species, perch also search for food on the ground. Accordingly, you need to ensure that the fishing line is long enough to get into deep water.

* Bait casting – It casts the line into the area you recognize perch could be. Let’s wait a moment!

* Still fishing – It relates to dropping the line and lets it sit in the water. You will need a lot of patient for this.

* Trolling – It drops the line and moves it through the water. If you use a boat, you can move your boat a slow way. In case you fish along a pier or shoreline, you can walk along the shore.

* Ice fishing – If you catch perch in winter, they move slower than other seasons. You will need a tool to cut the ice after finding an ideal place.

How Do Perch Get a Bite?

Because of lightweight, you will quickly recognize when perch bite. Once your fishing line starts moving, you have to pull up the rod a quick manner. When reeling in your line, the rod must also be pulled upward as well.

Don’t pull too strong! Like that, the fish are able to fall off your hook. Keep in mind!!!


It should know that perch live in schooling. Once you see one, it means that a myriad of perch is swimming around there. Then, you need to keep the bait on the hook and move around.

It hopes that the above information will be useful for your fishing. Now, you will not have to ask how to catch perch. Happy fishing enjoy!

Jim Johnson

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