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The Ways To Learn How To Wear A Boot Knife Effectively

How to wear a boot knife

As the attack from crime is increasing, self-defense is an important skill to protect yourself and your companions. One of the most popular methods is wearing a boot knife. Not only it protects your legs but also it can carry a useful weapon for you to defend whenever the attack happens. Therefore, a boot knife is more and more popular, even you are not working as a police or bodyguard.

These following guides will show you how to wear a boot knife, as owning one of these is an ideal example of defending yourself against possible threats.

What is a boot knife?

Boot knife is a self-defense knife carried secretly inside or outside of a boot. In fact, boot knife can be more useful for you to self-defense in unexpected situations. It is hidden in your boots, so you can pull it out easily and quickly to fight against the attackers. Moreover, if you don’t use it for self-defense, you can use it for unexpected situations in fishing, hunting or shooting etc.

This kind of weapon has been utilized by military pilots since World War II. Men used to hide their boot knives inside high leather boots. Now it is used popularly by police, hunters, bodyguards etc.

A boot knife enables you to bring a small knife with you wherever you go. Moreover, a boot knife is rarely distinguished but it will come in hands when your cuts need more attention to detail than your belt knife can do.

Although a boot knife is made with a slim blade and solid handle, they are concealable and reachable, so you should learn how to wear and use it effectively. In the past, men often wore high open leather boots so that this weapon was stored conveniently.

What should you prepare?

● The knife:

You should choose knives designed with a slim blade and handle because it’s easy for you to bring along daily.

Because carrying a knife beside your body is quite dangerous, you have to consider the approximate length of a knife that brings you the best comfort when you walk.

Moreover, the most important thing is you should cover your knife with coverings. The coverings offer a protective base, not only for the knife but also for your legs to avoid getting hurt while you are walking.

● The boots

All you should do is choosing high ankle boots that are pleasant to wear and accessible to your weapon safely and quickly.

Thanks to the modern designers, there’re many boots just for carrying this weapon. Boots have an integrated pocket inside or outside for you to put the knife in. Otherwise, you can choose boots not featuring built-in pockets but they have enough space to put the knife in. Moreover, you should use steel toe boots to protect your feet from the knife.

● The string

Besides the boots and the knife, you should prepare a string. Its length should be long enough to not to slide to the ground. This string will tie the knife up into your boots.

Now all materials are well-prepared, you can start wearing your boot knife.

How to wear a boot knife?

Wearing a boot knife is not difficult but it needs you attention to not to get hurt and be effective in self-defense. Here is the guidance for you to follow.

1. Cover the Boot Knife

The first action you should take is covering the knife with a sheath. You can use the available sheath attached with your knife to cover it. Otherwise, you can buy another sheath that fits your knife to protect your knife as well as your legs.

You can choose to cover just the blade of the knife or the whole knife if the handle is made of hard metal.

2. Slide the knife into the Boot

The next step is wearing your boots and preparing yourself to slide the knife into one. You can choose to slide the knife into the outer side or inside it. You should put it properly to reach the knife from the boot without any difficulty.

There’s a tip for you to put the knife safely and conveniently. You should insert your knife into your stronger body side. If your right side is stronger than the left or if you’re right-handed, then slide it into the right side. Otherwise, you should put it on the left.

Keeping the knife to your dominant side will make you feel safer, more comfortable and better knife usage when you have to defend. This is an important point for you to pay attention to because it affects on the way you react with this weapon. A left-handed person will find it hard to pull out the boot knife from his or her right side.

3. Tie the Sheath to Your Leg

After sliding the knife into your boot, it’s time for tying the sheath of the knife to it to make sure the boot knife is ready to use.

The covering part of the knife should be tied to the calf area using a shoe string. The middle part of the line has to be on the flat edge area of the sheath. The final step is you have to wrap the string at least three times around the sheath and calf before tying a knot.


Now you already have a perfect boot knife to wear for self-defense. You can wear this kind of boots when you go hunting, fishing or just go home at late night. You should practice the action of pulling the knife out several times for quick reaction when the attack happen

Learning how to wear a boot knife is as important as knowing how to use a knife for self-defense. A boot knife is surely a highly valuable tool that helps save your life when sudden attacks come. Life is very unpredictable, so it’s important to be prepared for every kind of possibly dangerous situations.

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