What hunting season is it ? Tips you need to learn now.

What hunting season is it ?

Deer Hunting Season

Hunting seasons are different for different animals as permitted by the authorities. The seasons are dates given in particular for some animals like black bear, waterfowl, pheasant, white-tailed deer, moose, small game and furbearers, wild turkey. Deer hunting season is divided into various categories like archery, firearms, muzzleloader etc. the archery deer hunting season is from September 15th to December 15th; muzzleloader season starts from October 29th to November 8th; the firearms season starts from November 9th to December 4th. The youth deer weekend is also to be celebrated on October 22nd and 23rd in 2016. The regular firearms will be opened on November 9th.

Black bear hunting Season

The bear hunting season starts from September 1st in New Hampshire. They can be hunted with hounds or over bait. The population of the bear has increased enormously over the last 20 years and the current population is estimated at 5500 animals. The hunting is allowed for this animal as there is enormous population existing in many areas. The hunting conditions of bear are varied from place to place depending on the population and the hunting opportunities are also provided based on the population growth of bear. Hunters usually bait bear in lands which are managed by the forest department but not in private lands.

Wild Turkey Hunting Season

Wild turkey is generally hunted in spring gobbler season that starts from May 3rd and end on May 31st. This is declared a youth weekend by the concerned authorities. A three month archery season is offered by the New Hampshire government in autumn season for hunting this animal. There is an estimated population of about 40,000 wild turkeys in New Hampshire. The license to hunt this animal is given for both fall and spring seasons with different prices for residents. Residents are also provided with various combination licenses like archery and NH hunting based on their hunting plans.

The shooting hours, seasons and other rules to hunt this animal can be obtained from NH hunting and trapping digest. It is illegal to hunt this animal with dogs, a rifle, live decoys or when it is perched in a tree. The bow used for hunting these animals must be of at least 30 pounds. The tagging of these animals should be done immediately after hunting this animal and registration is required.

Waterfowl hunting Season

In New Hampshire, hunting waterfowl is a long-standing tradition and is permitted into eh coastal waters. One should have a registered migratory waterfowl license along with NH hunting or a combination to hunt this animal. A federal waterfowl stamp is also required according to the laws mentioned in the act. However, the hunter is provided with free information through harvest information program. All banded birds must be reported through toll free number. Shooting is not allowed throughout the day but only half an hour before sunset and sunrise.

A federal duck stamp must be obtained by the waterfowl hunters along with New Hampshire migratory waterfowl license. Waterfowl have threat from avian influenza and hence bird hunters are given training to prevent such kind of exposures.

Small game and furbearers

A lot of opportunity is provided by the states for small game hunters. The furbearer population in many states is healthy, abundant and also diverse because of which hunting is allowed. Before hunting small game, the hunters need to finish fish and game surveys according to the rules. The survey asks the data on their hunts and also provides knowledge on various game birds before hunting.

Pheasant Hunting Season

The hunting season of pheasant ranges from October 1st to December 31st. All the pheasants will be released into the counties by maintaining an average number of pheasants per site.

Among all the types of pheasants, ring necked pheasant is the colourful game bird. It always runs than flying and the hunter finds it difficult to hunt this animal as it has hide and seek behaviour because of this skill. There is a long pheasant hunting story in New Hampshire. The tradition is continued even now as hunting is allowed by private land owners and hunters usually get enough cooperation from these owners. Hence, hunters should respect their farmlands and should not drive any vehicles in their agricultural lands.


The hunting season of Moose starts from the third Saturday in October only through concerned permits. Since 1988, the moose hunt is being celebrated as an annual event. In 1950, the population of moose is around 4100 and hence only 75 permits were given primarily. The success rate of these hunts is about 75 percent and the population remained same even now which reflects that hunting is not leading to the extinction of the animal and the population sustainability is also being maintained ever since the hunting of this animal started.