What You Need for Successful Winter Hunting

We all know that hunting during the winter is extremely difficult with all the snow and hail falling down on us. However, the harsh conditions are what also makes winter hunting a challenge for many hunters. Despite the bitter cold, how can you prepare yourself for a successful winter hunt? In this article, I’ll be discussing some tips on how you can still get your trophy game successfully during the winter season.

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Winter Hunter

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Dress Warmly

It’s going to be really cold out there which is why you need to dress warmly! If you don’t don yourself with the proper winter clothes, then you won’t be able to hunt well. You’ll be way too cold to even move! With that, I would strongly advise you to bring along a lot of warm clothing with you. Let’s make a checklist of the things you’ll need:

This is one of the most important things to bring on a hunting trip during the winter. An insulated parka is the ideal jacket to bring because it can keep you warm and it’s waterproof. Even if snow or ice will drop on you, you still won’t get wet.

  • Thick Hunter Pants

Aside from your parka, you will also need a good pair of hunter pants. Hunter pants are a must-have whenever you go hunting because they can keep you warm and allow you to move around properly. You will especially be needing that during the cold seasons.

  • A Thick Pair of Gloves

Everything you touch, whether it be a tree or even your own gun, will be really cold. This is why you’ll be needing a thick pair of gloves so your hands won’t hurt when you touch something that’s really cold.

  • A Hat

It’s very important that you keep your head warm during the winter season. Buy yourself a nice winter cap or a beanie before you go on a winter hunting trip.

  • A Scarf

A scarf is very important because it keeps your neck warm. It’s imperative that you cover your neck because you could get sick if it gets too cold. The only way to protect your neck from the cold weather is to wear a scarf.

  • A Hunter’s Vest

No matter what season it is, you’ll need your hunter’s vest. The hunter’s vest is crucial to have during any hunt because it will not only give you extra warmth, but it provides you with a lot of pockets where you can store you phone, your ammunition, and other things. Don’t leave home without it!

Research Before you Hunt

Most animals would change their behavior during the winter. As a hunter, it’s your job to know how! If you want to trap your target, you’re going to have to know how they move. So, before you go on a winter hunt, research on the behavior of your target animal during winter.

Get your Weapons Prepped

If you leave your weapons out in the open during the winter season, expect some ice to build up. This won’t really be a problem if you’re using a bow because you can just shave off the ice but you’ll be having some difficulty if you’re using a gun or a crossbow. If ice builds up in certain parts of your gun or crossbow, they might not work anymore. Before you go out winter hunting, always check your weapons and make sure they’re functioning properly.

Hunting in the Winter

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Make the Most of the Situation

Believe it or not, snow can actually be your friend while hunting. Sure, it’s cold and the snow probably makes it hard for you to move around properly but you can also use the snow to your advantage. You can actually track animal footprints easier because of the snow. You can also distract animals by throwing snowballs in different directions to stir them up a bit. Even though the weather conditions may not be that favorable for hunting, you can still make the most of the situation.

With these tips, you’re sure to have a great hunt. Just remember that in even the harshest weather conditions, a good hunter can still hunt.

Jason Bland

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