What You Need To Know Before Buying a Hunting Dog Training Collar?

Dog, the world’s most faithful animal can be irritating many times. Who does not want a trained dog that listens to every command of its owner? Hunting dog training collar is the new age e-collar that keeps your dogs in a line.

I was in a park for an evening walk. My dog Bruno was with me. Suddenly he saw a small black cat and started running after it. No matter how much I whistled and called it back, it kept running. Is the example sound familiar? Many times, it is a frustrating job to get back the attention of the distracted dogs. Hunting dog training collar is the solution of such situations.

What is Hunting Dog Training Collar?

When you go to a dog utility shop, you must have checked the e-collars. Hunting dog training collars are also famous as “Shock Collar” or “e-Collar”. You can easily find myriad brands selling countless e-collar models. People started using the hunting dog training collar in the late 1960s. The purpose of these collars was to train the hunting dogs. The collars were capable of delivering a mild shock to the dogs during their behavioral training.

In the modern days, people use these collars to curb the wild and obstinate pet dogs of every kind. The intentions of using these collars are different for different people. From excessive barking to rebellion, and food aggression to waywardness, the collars are perfect for taming every conduct of the pets.

How Hunting Dog Training Collar Works?

The science behind training collars is simply stimulation. The objective is to associate the shock therapy with the training. Every time a dog misbehaves, it will get a mild shock through these collars. Hence, next time, the dog will not challenge you as it will be afraid of getting shock. The idea is not to punish the dogs, but let them know the consequences and coach it to behave and listen.

It is easy to categorize assorted types of training collars. The collars are distinctive in terms of voltage, waveform, the intensity of the shock, the time duration, total pulse rate per minute, current etc. The jolts are not harmful or perilous to dogs. A trainer can set the shock intensity of the collar very easily as per his/her will. Usually, the limit of shock changes as per the situation and condition. Many factors affect the strength of the shock as well as the animal’s perceptions. Mainly, the temperament variations of dogs, the ability to handle the pain and the responsiveness against the discomfort of dogs, including the likes and dislikes of dogs, all helps to decide the adjustment of the shock level in the hunting dog training collar. However, the degree of the animal’s arousal during the training also counts as a significant factor. Certainly, if the animal is aroused or focused on some particular activity, it will not give an ear to any kind of stimuli. In such cases, usually, the trainer increases the level of the shock in the collar.

The Pros and Cons of Using a Hunting Dog Training Collar

It is necessary to consider some pros and cons of using a hunting dog training collar before buying them. Every dog is unique and so is the need of the collar. One cannot buy the same collar for a Labrador and a German shepherd, as both the dogs are entirely diverse in nature.


  • Easy to buy: Now almost every dog utility shop has these e-collars. It is as convenient to buy as shopping for groceries. Secondly, while evaluating to the price of a personal dog trainer and a hunting collar, the second option is excessively cheaper than hiring a professional trainer.
  • Available in a wide range of variety: In the market, various brands are selling numerous models of hunting dog training collars. Modern collars come with the adjusting facilities. Now, the dog owners can adjust the level of shock, the mode of warning, or the other things. Some collars even impart the facility of a foul smell that can meddle the dog’s snout.
  • Remote control facility: The best part of these collars is that one can control the dogs even from outside. Pet owners need not be always present with the dogs to alter their mischievous behavior. The remote control gives the flexibility to the dog owners to influence the dogs from a wide range.
  • Speedy Effects: Obviously, every dog’s shock handling capacity is different. Still, many pet owners claimed early and fast result. Dogs, which are highly sensitive, react positively within two or three shocks. After that, only warning, a simple vibration helps the dogs to behave. Of course, the same is not applicable to every dog.


  • Adverse Behavior: Many times, the dogs after the shock start behaving adversely out of the fear. Sometimes, it is dangerous and sometimes it is irritating. There are many complaints from the dog owners that their dogs have become more hesitant and less friendly after the shock.
  • Strict behavior and confusion: Very often, when you are away or not present to control the collar, by mistake, these collars deliver the unintentional shock. Shock without reason can confuse the dogs. If you are very strict and give a shock to your dog at small mistakes, dogs can retaliate badly. Over-correction can create havoc in the dog’s mind. It is important to use the collar wisely.
  • Lack of positive reinforcement: No doubt, the idea behind the hunting collar is not to punish a dog for unwanted behavior. However, if the dogs do not receive reinforcement after shock, it will be against humanity. Many animals related NGOs discuss that the hunting collar is cruel and its use must be banned.


Remember that your dog is not an object. It is an animal that can move, react, breath and exert just like our people. For discipline and training, hunting dog training collar is a very easy and effective method. Nevertheless, no collar can compete with the personal bonding and positive rewards. Every living creature is greedy for love and affection and so does the dogs. Whenever you use these collars, do not forget to appreciate your dog after the completion of the training. Use the collar and training period to enhance the bond between you two and not to frighten your beloved pet.