Where to shoot a bear- 5 best kill shots you should know.

Bear hunting is tough, although many hunters love bear hunting since they are big games. They are large and heftier. It is essential to know that a bear is heavily boned, making it hard to shot the bear’s internal organs as it is the case with other large animals. As a hunter, you should know that a bear is ferocious, and reacts dangerously when hurt. It is, therefore, advisable to establish a distance that you will be sure that you will bear fatally. Unlike other big animals, a bear has small heads; thus, it is hard to shot him on the head. Bears also have dense and long hair that makes it strenuous to hit some parts of the body. The following are the best kill five shots you should know:

Double-lung hit

You should know that bears keep moving, more so if your hunting area is above the bait. This makes the hunters think that they need to act fast before the game disappears, but rushing to shoot is the worst mistake. Take your time and administer a double-lung shot as this will kill the bear faster. Even if you do not hit the lung, you will hit the liver or any vital internal organ. Unlike a deer, a dear will position himself into various unusual shapes; hence achieving a double –lung hit becomes difficult. For instance, a bear can sit on his back as a dog does, stay in a curved shape, lie on his belly, or stand up with both legs. All these divergent positions make it hard to shoot a bear since, during the shooting time,he will always be in unflavoured shape. For you to have a successful shot, you need to be patient and wait when the bear is a favourable position then administer a shot.

The heart shots

Targeting to hit the heart is a bit tough, although it is achievable. This is because the bear’s front legs shield the heart. Most hunters always target the heart, which is advisable because if you don’t hit the heart, you will not miss one or two crucial organs of the bear.

Middle of the middle

This is one of the suggested ways to kill the bear by the Canadian hunters. The middle of the middle is where the upper and hind legs bisect with the bear’s belly and back. This means that you will be shooting at the edge of the lungs and straight at the liver. It is assumed that when you shoot a bear at the fore portion of the guts, he dies very fast. It is essential to note that aiming the middle-mass of the bear’s body is of the essence as it will lead to immediate death. The area you should not seek is the fore shoulder since it is hard to penetrate through.

Do not shoot too low.

Bears have a lot of fat on their belly and long hair, unlike a deer, with little fat and short hair. The fat accumulation and long hair make the big, and this not the case. It is, therefore, necessary when you shoot, ensure you do not shoot too low as you will injure the bear, and it might not die. Aim a little bit high as you end up hitting essential internal organs, thus, killing the target.

Do not be blacked out.

Black bears usually sashay into the bait with dependence. Their black fur will suck up the shadows; hence you will not differentiate between the body parts and lines. This makes it hard for you to aim, especially when you are on a short distance. To overcome this, remove your eyes from the scope and see the bear using your bare eyes, and then go back to the range. When you do this several times, you will be in a position to aim appropriately.


In a nutshell, killing a bear is simple if only you know what part of the bear you are targeting. The above is the best kill shots you need to apply in your hunting. Aiming other parts such as head, neck, and shoulder will not kill the bear fast as it will only cause significant wounds.